Flexible Dual Fuel Cooking

A Dual Fuel range cooker allows the enjoyment of two great features in one. Dual fuel gives you the ultimate control of gas hob cooking, together with the temperature distribution of an electric oven. This flexible combination makes this type of cooker the most popular on the market.

Many of our dual fuel range cookers come with more than one cooking compartment and at least one of the cavities is a multifunctional oven which offers up to 9 different cooking functions, from crisping up your pizza or browning your favourite pasta dish.

The responsive gas hob on a dual fuel cooker features a minimum of 5 powerful burners, usually including a central burner essential for the high temperatures required to create wonderful stir fry dishes.

The three popular sizes for dual fuel cookers are 90, 100 or 110cm wide and most of the models can be easily converted to LPG with a conversion kit at point of installation.

With a range of top brands including; Belling, Masterchef, Rangemaster, DeLonghi and Stoves, there is a huge choice to suit any traditional or contemporary kitchen.

All our dual fuel range cooker prices include VAT and delivery to mainland UK, if you have any question feel free to call our cooker experts on 01484 434321.

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