Quality Electric Range Cookers

StovesAreUs offer a wide selection of electric range cooker which offer a truly complete cooking experience. There are two types of electric range cookers, induction and ceramic.

Induction cooking is becoming the most popular fuel type due to its impressive features. Induction cooking gives outstanding control and a faster performance due to its pre heat and power boost function. Induction technology works by heating the pan rather than the surrounding areas making it much more efficient.

Ceramic cooking boasts impressive heat up times and responsive controls. Ceramic hobs are perfect alternatives to gas and are often the preferred choice because of their easy-to-clean, seamless surface. All ceramic versions hosts electric ovens.

Electric range cookers usually feature 2 large electric ovens. There are two types of electric ovens, conventional and fanned.

Conventional electric ovens use heat from elements at the top and base of the ovens because heat rises the oven is cooler at the bottom and hotter at the top. This type of oven is perfect for browning delicate dishes such as lasagne

Fanned electric ovens have an integrated fan which distributes the heat evenly throughout the cavity. This type of oven is perfect for batch baking.

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