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The Belling collection of cooking appliances are packed with thoughtful features for the busy kitchen and the busy cook. A good appliance can completely revolutionise how you cook and how much you enjoy the process. Belling has been revolutionising British cooking for more than a century and all their range cookers, built-in ovens & hobs and free standing cookers are built right here in the UK.



The Belling Cookcentre offers a contemporary look to suit a modern style kitchen, all the sizes and fuel options you could ever need are available. The Cookcentre range cooker offers three colours of black, stainless and professional stainless to choose from, these iconic looks can make themselves the centrepiece of your stunning kitchen and will help you turn out the perfect meal every time.

Queens Award for Enterprise
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When it comes to the Belling Farmhouse collection they are tradition and charming, Belling’s long-standing reputation for reliability gives you a cooker that can take anything you throw at it and still turn out perfect performance. The Farmhouse cooker is Available in a selection of sizes, 4 fuel options and a colour range of either cream, silver or black.

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Belling Built-In Ovens

Choose from single or double ovens in the Belling built-in collection so you don't have to compromise on capacity. Belling Ovens are installed into kitchen units to create a streamlined finish and help conserve space. Cutting-edge technology, sleek design and pure British innovation are behind Belling’s fantastic collection of 60, 70, and 90cm built-in ovens available in a range of fuel types.

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Belling Built-In Hobs

Belling British-Made hobs come in 60, 70 and 90cm widths and are designed to give you complete control, whether you’re creating contemporary cuisine, or just boiling an egg. Ceramic or induction hobs are available, plus features such as the rotary, powerslider and touch controls. Traditional gas burners are chunky, well made hobs with wipe clean enamel or cast iron pan supports, and a powerful 3.5kW wok burner is a feature on the 70cm model.

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Belling Freestanding Cookers

If you have a 50, 55 or 60cm gap in your kitchen then a Belling freestanding cooker has you covered, you can choose from gas, electric or dual fuel models. Belling cookers are packed full of innovative technology, like fanned gas ovens and induction hobs and their multifunction ovens offer nine different setting to choose from. Features like the ‘minute minder’ for those unexpected interruptions and the responsiveness of touch controls make Belling cookers stand out from the rest.

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Made In Britain

Belling appliances have been used in British homes for over a century, in 2011 Belling returned the manufacture of all their cooking appliances to the UK and have campaigned to celebrate British manufacturing ever since. Belling freestanding cookers, hobs, ovens and range cookers are all uniquely made British products made for British cooks, so much so that Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Margaret both learned to cook on the iconic Baby Belling cooker.

Made In Britain Queens Award for Enterprise
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Belling Features

The nine cooking options of the Belling multifunctional oven is a feature that has made Belling Range Cookers the first choice for both professional chefs and home cooks.

Conventional Oven - This function is ideal for traditional roasting. The meat is placed in the middle of the oven, roast potatoes and parsnips towards the top.

Top Heat - Use the top oven element towards the end of the cooking, for delicate browning. Great for dishes like lasagne.

Base Heat - The base heat can be used to provide additional browning for pizzas, pies and quiche. Use this function towards the end of cooking.

Base Heat with Fan - The base element cooks the base of your open pies, while the fan allows the air to circulate around the filling.

Defrost - The fan assists defrosting by circulating room temperature air around the food, it is more hygienic and is done in half the time.

Fanned Oven - Distributes the heat evenly through the use of an integrated fan. Perfect for batch baking.

Intensive Bake - Suitable for food with a high moisture content, such as quiche, bread and cheese cake. It also eliminates the need for baking pastry blind.

Fanned Grilling - Circulates heat around the food, making it ideal for thinner foods such as bacon, fish, gammon and steaks.

Conventional Grilling - This function cooks food from the top and is ideal for a range of food from toast to steaks. As the whole grill is working you can cook large quantities of food.



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