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Grillstream Hybrid BBQ's

FeaturingGrillstream the easiest hybrid system on the market, Grillstream BBQ's provide the convenience of gas with the unique option of charcoal in one unit. Light the charcoal using the gas burners without the need for messy lighter fluid.

Grillstream is part of the well-established British company, LeisureGrow. Incorporating innovative technology for cooking versatility, Grillstream BBQ's ensure high performance and great tasting food. The magic of Grillstream uses two cooking grills to ensure lass fat, no flare-ups and more flavour. The double grill system prevents fat from dripping down onto the burner and causing flare-ups. Flare-ups equal burnt food. This unique cooking system is also incredibly easy to clean thanks to the angled grills which feed the fat into the fat cup which just needs emptying.

Grillstream have a great selection of barbecues ranging from 2 burner all the way up to 6 burners to accommodate for the size of party you are wanting to hold. Each BBQ is made from high quality material that. is designed to last. With a huge collection of barbecue accessories and covers as well, you can cook up a feast for family and friends in style with a Grillstream barbecue.

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