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  1. Brand: Remove This Item Westfire Stoves
  2. Heat Output: Remove This Item 5kW
  3. Built From: Remove This Item Steel Body, Cast Iron Door
  4. 12mm Hearth Installation: Yes Remove This Item No Remove This Item
  5. Colour: Remove This Item Grey
  1. £950
  1. Westfire Stoves (4)
Heat Output
  1. 4kW (1)
  2. 5kW (4)
  3. 6kW (7)
  4. 7kW (5)
  1. Timeless (4)
  2. Contemporary (4)
Energy Rating
  1. A+ (3)
  2. (1)
Built From
  1. Steel Body, Cast Iron Door (4)
12mm Hearth Installation
  1. Yes (3)
  2. No (1)
External Combustion
  1. Yes (4)
  1. Grey (4)


Westfire Stoves

Westfire stoves are made by a leading Danish stove manufacturer who specialise in combining a Scandinavian flair for design with modern combustion technology. The clean lines of Westfire stoves are immediately recognisable, with large windows to give stunning views of the flames. Westfire stoves combine traditional knowledge of stove building with the latest innovations in manufacturing techniques. With Westfire stoves achieving fuel-efficiency of up to 80%, they appeal to consumers seeking clean-burning stoves.

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