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Mixer Taps

Choosing the correct kitchen tap to match your kitchen can be a difficult decision, Stoves Are Us have a wide range of different mixer taps to suit all kitchen interiors. Mixer taps are a popular choice within kitchens due to there elegant styling and simple controls.

Stoves are us offer a choice of single leaver and monobloc mixer taps, single leaver taps have one handle which normally swivels from side to side to control the water. Single leaver taps are a good choice for compact kitchens where space is tight or busy kitchens as they can be easily operated with one hand. Monobloc taps tend to have 2 handles, one for controlling the hot water and one for controlling the cold water. they offer a versatile option within your kitchen and are available in traditional or contemporary styles. Both single leaver and monobloc taps are available in a range of colours including black, copper and chrome, allowing you to match your tap to your sink and kitchen interior.

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