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Stove Accessories

Stove maintenance and fireside products that help enhance your stove installation, these products help with general installation, maintenance or just day to day running of your wood burning or multifuel stove.

You can obtain stove maintenance products and helpful advice about using them from our technical team. The range of stove fireside and maintenance products we supply can be found on our website these range from coal buckets to fire cement. Here is a short alphabetical summary of maintenance and fireside products we supply:


Black Fire Cement

Fire cement is a ready mixed ground putty which dries rock hard once exposed to heat, it is ideal for sealing stove pipe to stoves and patching repairs to firebricks. The fire cement we sell is matt black and tested to temperatures up to 1250°C this sets in approximately 3-4 hours under heat, during this time you can apply more fire cement to fine cracks that may appear, this will help to ensure a smoke tight seal.
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Ceramic Fire Rope

A heat resistant ceramic fire ropethat goes hand in hand with fire cement. Many stove collars are often larger than the stove pipe, when the gap is too large to fill with fire cement alone fire rope can be used to decrease the amount of cement you use. Fire rope comes in a range of sizes, the diameters that we supply range from 6mm - 12mm. Fire rope is also used around the door and glass of a stove, it helps fix the glass in place and prevents it rubbing on the door. As rope is a low value product and under intense temperatures everyday this is an item that is not covered under warranty when you by a stove or if more lengths of rope are purchased at a later date.
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Heat Resistant Rope Glue

Rope glue is used to stick fire rope to the stove whether this is around the collar or to secure the stove glass in place. To use the rope glue ensure the groove is clean and free from dust etc then apply the adhesive to all the surfaces that are to be bonded and allow at least 15 minutes for the adhesive to fully set.
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