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Log Baskets, Companion Sets and Coal Buckets

Stoves Are Us offer the best quality accessories for your wood burning stove or fire. From the traditional wicker log baskets to more contemporary cast iron coal buckets we stock them all.

Log baskets or holders are a cheap and convenient way of keeping your fuel close to your stove for easy refuelling and is a great way of seasoning your logs for optimum combustion.

With products from leading brands including Valiant and Garden Trading, we offer a range of companion sets with different designs and colours at affordable prices. The typical companion set contains a coal shovel, a brush and a poker to allow you to maintain the flames and ensure optimum performance of your stove.

Coal buckets sit perfectly next to your stove on your fireplace, they provide the perfect fireside storage and offer a rustic design feature whilst being practical and easy to carry.

All our prices include VAT, Call our office on 01484 434321 for more information on log baskets, coal buckets and companion sets.

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