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Wood Burning vs Multifuel

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Woodburning stoves and Multi Fuel stoves?

The following facts illustrate the difference between the two:


  • Designed to burn coal, wood, smokeless fuel
  • Usually a multifuel stove will have a grate this gives an airflow underneath the coal / wood as well as above so it burns efficiently.
  • When burning coal you will need to clear some of the ash in order for it to burn efficiently. The riddling grate on some stoves allows you to make the ash fall into the ash pan, if your stove does not have a riddling grate you can always use a poker.
  • Another sure way to see if you have a a multi fuel stove is to check whether there is an ash pan in the appliance, the ash pan is designed to catch the ash that falls from the grate.
  • Usually the multifuel stove is more popular than the wood burning stove as it has the option of burning both fuel types.
  • On some stove models there are an options to purchase either multifuel kits or wood burning conversion kits.


  • Designed for the burning of wood only
  • A wood burning stove only takes air from above as the fuel would burn away too quickly if air was to get underneath, this means that when burning wood it is usually done so on a bed of ash

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