Our Screw-FIX flue liner adaptor is manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel and used to connect flexible chimney liner to vitreous enamel stove pipe at the base of the flue.

Used to connect 200mm (8") vitreous enamel pipe to 200mm (8") flexible flue liner.

Connect the bottom of the flue liner to the adaptor by screwing the adaptor onto your flue liner, you can apply a small amount of fire cement or high temperature silicone to ensure a gas tight connection. You can now connect the adaptor onto your stove pipe again using fire cement or a high temperature silicone remembering to have a clearance of at least 600mm of flue pipe before this connection.


  • Easy screw-FIX 
  • Suitable gas, oil & solid fuel appliances
  • Use with all grades of flue liner
  • Lifetime warranty
HETAS Approved
Warranty Lifetime

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Screw-FIX Flue Liner Adaptor 200mm (8") Rigid To 200mm (8") Flex

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