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Free home delivery from StovesAreUs
Free home delivery  from StovesAreUs
Free home delivery from StovesAreUs

Freestanding cookers

Our range of free-standing cookers are perfect for passionate chefs who want all the benefits of a range cooker but have a kitchen with limited space. Our free-standing cookers are available in 2 sizes either 55cm or 60cm due to there small size they dont take up much space allowing flexibility in terms of the layout in your kitchen. Even though our free-standing cookers are small in size they are packed with impressive features including 2 ovens, a grill and either a gas or electric hob complete with 4 powerful burners.

Gas Cookers

Guaranteed not to let you down, gas cookers are the perfect choice for anyone living in an area that is particularly prone to power cuts. These will be sure to keep your family supplied with a hot meal when the neighbours will be strolling down to the local chippy to find their dinner. The majority of our gas cookers include automatic ignition, so no more need for matches.

Electric Ovens

If you want a reliable cooker but are concerned about open flames, then an electric oven is the ideal choice. They will put your mind at ease, particularly if you have small children running about the house. Most of our electric ovens are also fan assisted. These circulate the heat around the inside of your oven which benefits your food; it receives even cooking without needing to be rotated every five minutes, and also reduces the cooking time, helping you to save money on energy bill.

All our free-standing cooker prices include VAT and delivery to mainland UK

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