Buying Guide For DeLonghi Cookers
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Buying Guide For DeLonghi Cookers

DeLonghi is a brand that has always been at the forefront of designing competitively priced and extremely efficient kitchen appliances. The DeLonghi name has a long association with cooking appliances that combine Italian design flair with top-quality engineering. From their factory near Venice in Italy, an ever-evolving collection of range cookers, ovens, hobs and hoods are built to withstand the demands of daily cooking yet at prices that won’t cost the earth.

Why DeLonghi range cookers?

The benefits of a range cooker and the reasons for choosing one over an integrated oven and separate hob are wide-ranging. You’ll find everything you need to know here, but first, what is a range cooker?

Range cookers combine a hob and usually more than one oven plus a separate grill, sometimes even a plate warmer and storage compartment, in a single, freestanding appliance. The ovens tend to be larger than a typical integrated cooker and at 90cm wide, the whole unit is also wider although at DeLonghi we do offer some at 60 and 70cm.

You can do more with a range cooker and all at the same time if you choose to. Defrosting, baking, grilling, frying, food and plate warming, for example, all add up to less time in the kitchen and more time with family or guests.

Today’s range cookers can be run using various types of fuel, meaning you can choose one that best suits your cooking style.
You have the option of three types of fuel to choose from:

  1. Electric range cookers - Electric ovens with induction or ceramic hob
  2. Dual fuel range cookers - Electric ovens with gas-powered hobs
  3. Gas range cookers - Gas ovens & cooktops with a mains gas connection or LPG
  4. DeLonghi provides an LPG kit with all their range cookers and also features programmable electronic timers; ultra-rapid gas burners and soft-closing doors

What are the different types of Delonghi cookers?

Delonghi Vintage


Delonghi Vintage

The Delonghi Vintage cooker has choices of a single oven or two and three cavities, De'Longhi Vintage cookers are dual fuel meaning gas hobs and grills with electric ovens.
The Vintage range is 90cm wide and available in different colours and finishes – Gloss Black, Cream, Gloss White, Slate Grey, Mediterranean Olive, Light Blue, Burgundy and Stainless Steel.

The Vintage Collection of range cookers is a nod to the past with charming design details and finishing touches in a classic, farmhouse style.

Gently curved stainless steel back guards and softly rounded panelling on the oven fronts are complemented by retro-brushed steel control knobs and matching handrails.

Delonghi Vintage Professional


Delonghi Vintage Professional

Enjoy the best of both design eras with the Vintage Professional single cavity cooker available in Light Blue and Gloss Black at 90cm wide and in dual fuel with gas top and electric oven.

DeLonghi has kept the charming retro control knobs and rounded handrails but replaced the curved vintage-styled backboard with a straight, more modern shape, mirroring the angular form in its tapered aluminium legs.

Whichever colour you choose, this classy cooker suits all kitchen designs, from traditional and classic to minimalist and modern.

Delonghi Professional


Delonghi Professional

The DeLonghi Professional model is a modern collection that offers plenty of choices. Available in three widths 60cm, 70cm and 90cm, in Stainless Steel, Cream and Anthracite, choose from dual fuel (gas hob with electric oven), or all gas. There’s also the option of an all-electric oven with an induction hob.

This stylish collection takes its inspiration from professional, working kitchens with a sleek shape and streamlined look.

All the Modern DeLonghi dual fuel and electric Range Cookers include an electronic timer which can control the timing and functions in the main oven.

Are Delonghi cookers easy to clean?

It's important to note that the DeLonghi cookers are easy to clean, but also easy to maintain. The oil filters have been designed so that they can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and you don't need any particular tools or equipment to do this, just make sure your filter is completely dry before storing it. We advise you to clean the appliance after every use and keep an eye out for any rust or corrosion caused by steam build-up (it may not happen often, but it's better safe than sorry).

Which Pans Are Best To Use?

Pans used should be the best quality you can afford and have a flat solid base. Many pans are multifunctional and cover a range of heat sources. Pans used should be of a suitable size for the burner being used, full details can be found in the user Instruction manual.
For everyday cleaning we would recommend a mild neutral washing-up liquid and warm water followed by a soft cloth; however, we do recognise that sometimes things get a bit messy and a deeper clean is required. We cannot recommend specific products, as globally there are too many on the market to test on our products.

How Long Is The DeLonghi Cooker Warranty?

The warranty of your Delonghi cooker covers parts and labour for 2 years. This means that if you experience a fault with your cooker, then the manufacturer will either send an engineer to visit for repair or send you a replacement part.

Are DeLonghi Cookers Reliable?

Yes, as a cooker manufacturer with more than 65 years of experience, DeLonghi understands the importance of quality. Many of the range cookers are designed in the UK and produced in their factory in Northern Italy. Using the best quality materials available.

What Does the Warranty Not Cover?

The warranty does not cover the glass lid of your DeLonghi cooker as it’s considered to be an accessory. However, if you do have a fault with this part and it needs replacing, then you’re still covered by the main product warranty.
Another important thing to note is that while the warranty covers breakdowns related to mechanical failure, it doesn’t cover wear and tear such as damaged buttons or cracked handles.

How Can You Find The Age Of My DeLonghi Product?

If you can provide your serial number located on the rating plate of your product then please email [email protected] and they will let you know the date your product was manufactured.

Where Is The Model & Serial Number On Your Product?

The model number can be found in several places including the front/back page of the user instruction book; the back (as for example the triple cavity cooker) or top of the appliance; the front frame of the cooker (built-in and 60cm freestanding products); Inside the drop-down storage compartment below the door(s) (90cm range cookers); Underside of the hob (built-in hobs).


DeLonghi cookers are a great way to start cooking healthy, nutritious meals at home. The combination of high-quality materials and powerful heating elements makes the cooking process fast, efficient and easy. They have a sleek design that looks beautiful in any home kitchen setting.

DeLonghi Cookers in Real Homes

Here are a few beautiful DeLonghi cookers installed within UK homes, we’re hoping to inspire you with their stunning kitchen designs.

This bold and beach-style inspired kitchen features the DeLonghi Vintage Professional dual fuel cooker in white. This customer’s Isle of Wight home gives chilled vibes all year round.

Delonghi Range Cooker Isle of Wight

This amazing design features the DeLonghi Professional 90cm dual fuel cooker in a black finish. This open-plan living-dining area is spacious and light, they’ve opted to install a wood-burning stove to add a cosy element in winter.

Delonghi Range Cookers

Delonghi is a great brand with a long-standing heritage, the range from them is spread across numerous product ranges and is available to view across our website.

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