8" Chimney Liner (200mm)


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Stainless Steel Flue Liners for Stoves and Chimneys

The below details explain the different grading systems for our chimney liners, or call for more information on 01484 434321.

316/316 Grade Flue Liner

This Flue Liner uses 316 grade Stainless Steel for both the inner and outer skins. It is suitable for use with a Gas Stove, Oil Stoves, Coal Stoves, Coke Stoves, Seasoned Dry Logs and Cured Dry Peat Stoves and some Smokeless Fuel Stoves. 316/316 grade Flue Liner has a 10 year guarantee (Product replacement only).

904/904 Grade Flue Liner

The inner and outer skins of this Flue Liner are made from 904 grade Stainless Steel, the best Chimney Liners on the market. It is ideal for all Stoves burning Seasoned Dry Logs, Gas, Coal, Coke, Oil, Cured Dry Peat and all Smokeless Fuels. This High-Quality Chimney Flue Liner is recommended for heavy usage and if you are slumbering your stove overnight. 904/904 grade Chimney Liner has a 20 year guarantee (Product replacement only).