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Bio-ethanol Fires & Stoves - The Green Alternative

Bio-ethanol fires & fireplaces are perfect for homes who want a real flame but don't have a chimney or flue. Bioethanol stoves and fires can be installed anywhere both indoor and outdoor and require minimal installation, most freestanding models are already assembled and most wall-mounted products can be installed within 30 minutes. When lit bio-ethanol fuel quickly produces real warming flames which produce zero smoke making bio-ethanol fires suitable for use within smoke control areas.

Bio-ethanol is a renewable energy source produced from the fermentation of sugar from crops such as corn and wheat. As bio-ethanol is produced from vegetation rather than fossil fuels it produces far lower levels of carbon, making it a very environmentally friendly and clean-burning fuel.

Our extensive range of bio-ethanol fires include freestanding models, wood burner style models, wall-mounted fires and bio-ethanol inserts which will add a touch of luxury to both traditional and modern settings. Each bio-ethanol product will provide an effective solution with living flames and an efficient heat output.