8 Trending Fireplace Designs to Make a Statement
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8 Trending Fireplace Designs to Make a Statement

Contemporary fireplace design trends are moving towards designs with large flame viewing areas encompassing the cosy flame effect. Frameless models are also in high demand as well as classic designs that add elegance and warmth to your space. Look no further than a stunning stone fireplace or a frameless gas fire that will provide a cosy and inviting atmosphere and serve as focal points helping transform a room's look and feel. In this edit, we’ll suggest vogue fireplaces to add a touch of sophistication and luxury, while the crackling flames from your fire will create a comforting ambience that invites relaxation and conversation. 


Trending stone fireplace surrounds
Classically styled fireplace designs
Multi-functional electric fireplaces to consider
Linear frameless gas fireplaces for a modern feel
Why are stone fireplaces so popular
Adding the finishing touches to your fireplace design

Trending stone fireplace surrounds

If you’re looking for a big, bold statement piece in your home then a large imposing stone mantelpiece is the perfect option that will take pride of place in the heart of your living room.

If you like to create luxurious and elegant vibes then this fireplace trend will be up your street, there are plenty of fabulous designs to choose from and various stone materials so you can select a fireplace that hits the right colour tones for your space. To help you understand the different stone materials used to carve our stone surrounds we’ve included the main ones that we’re able to supply including marble and limestone variants.

  1. Agean Limestone - This natural, sedimentary limestone formed over 50 million years ago is cut straight from the earth. Agean limestone is a much whiter limestone with a consistent pattern throughout its surface including soft, speckled grains a characteristic of this popular and extremely hard-wearing stone. This versatile material works well in a variety of settings.
  2. Portuguese Limestone - This natural, sedimentary limestone formed over 50 million years ago is cut straight from the earth. Portuguese Limestone features characteristic darker veins on a light background, intermingled with fossils of plants and animal life, all adding to the beauty and individuality of this enduring material.
  3. Iberian Limestone - Iberian limestone is a natural stone known for its endurance and versatility. Its sand-coloured appearance and fine texture, combined with the subtle flowing swirls and grains offer an appearance that is perfect for creating a truly unique fireplace. The neutral, earthy tones are reassuringly warming and offer an enticing contrast to materials such as cast iron stoves.
  4. Persian Limestone - Persian Limestone, a darker, grey-toned version of the much-loved Agean Limestone has the rare feature of appealing to both traditional and contemporary tastes. Whether creating a bold mantel centrepiece or adding some flair to a modern architectural piece, this unique material is guaranteed to catch the eye.
  5. Kallos Marble - This irresistible Greek marble is a modern alternative to the timeless Carrara marble. A type of natural Volakas marble, with a fresh white base tone, subtly contrasted with soft grey diagonal veining to provide an alluring sense of depth.
Gallery Fradswell Inglenook Iberian Limestone FireplaceGallery Fradswell Inglenook Iberian Limestone Fireplace
Gallery Fradswell Inglenook Iberian Limestone Fireplace
Gallery Almington Agean Limestone Fire SurroundGallery Almington Agean Limestone Fire Surround
Gallery Almington Agean Limestone Fire Surround

Classically styled fireplace designs

If you’re renovating your living room and looking for a traditional vibe a period fireplace surround can help to create a luxurious and warming focal point that will grab the attention of your family and friends. Depending on the fireplace design and colour you can fashion a subtle and welcoming centrepiece or by choosing a darker colour fire surround you can create a dramatic statement, this works well with cast iron surrounds. Classically styled fireplaces are perfect for wood-burning stoves and gas stoves alike, they suit period Victorian properties and modern open-plan spaces where a grand contemporary surround can look stunning.

Gallery Edwardian Cast Iron FireplaceGallery Edwardian Cast Iron Fireplace
Gallery Edwardian Cast Iron Fireplace
Gallery Stove & Palmerston Fireplace PackageGallery Stove & Palmerston Fireplace Package
Gallery Stove & Palmerston Fireplace Package

Multi-functional electric fireplaces to consider

Multi-purpose fireplaces also known as media wall fires were a huge trend through 2020 and consumers continue to love them. These trending electric fireplaces can be much more than a heat source and fancy flame effect. Media wall fireplace designs can incorporate your television, sound bar, LED lighting and even shelving for all your decorative pieces. Your media wall doubles up as a TV stand, they’re a great choice for those looking for an all in one media system and are popular for small flats and homes that don't have a traditional place to install a fire, such as a chimney breast.

Evonic e1500 Built-In Electric FireEvonic e1500 Built-In Electric Fire
Evonic e1500 Built-In Electric Fire
Blazebright Oxford Deep Lux 1500Blazebright Oxford Deep Lux 1500
Blazebright Oxford Deep Lux 1500

Linear frameless gas fireplaces for a modern feel

Linear frameless fireplaces continue in popularity, these fireplace designs are some of the hottest contemporary fireplace trends in 2024. Once you’ve seen one of these frameless linear gas fireplaces light up a room, it’s easy to understand why they are fitted into many UK homes. A - is the perfect choice for those looking for a slim gas fire with a compact design. These sleek and modern fires feature a comprehensive control system that allows for easy ignition, flame adjustment and optimum heat output regulation. You’ll often see this fireplace style surrounded by a marble tile or some form of stone decoration, they can also be designed as a classic single-sided piece or a double-sided tunnel. One of the key advantages of built-in linear fireplaces is that they can be integrated into a space without taking up too much room.

Gazco Onyx Avanti 85 Conventional Flue Gas FireGazco Onyx Avanti 85 Conventional Flue Gas Fire
Gazco Onyx Avanti 85 Conventional Flue Gas Fire
Gazco Studio 3 Glass Fronted Balanced Flue Gas FireGazco Studio 3 Glass Fronted Balanced Flue Gas Fire
Gazco Studio 3 Glass Fronted Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Why are stone fireplaces so popular?

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern aesthetic, there is a stone fireplace design to suit your taste. The options are endless, from rustic stacked stone to sleek and contemporary marble. You can even customise your fireplace to fit your specific needs and preferences, from size and shape to the type of stone used. Not only do stone fireplaces enhance the visual appeal of your space, but they also provide practical benefits. They are known for their durability and heat-retaining properties, making them an energy-efficient choice for keeping your home warm during the colder months. Transform your space with a stunning stone fireplace's timeless beauty and warmth. It's an investment that will elevate your home's aesthetic and provide endless cosy nights by the fire. So why wait? Start reimagining your space today.

  1. Durable and maintenance-free - Natural stone is a great choice for a fireplace surround because of its style, strength and durability. The density of the stone helps to give it a long-lasting appeal and the the availability of different finishes, from rough to smooth and polished means there is a vast amount of choice.
  2. Great heat conductor - Natural marble and natural stone also known as firestone have incredibly high heat conduction properties making it ideal to use around a solid fuel or gas stove or fire. Natural stone will retain the heat from your fire and help it radiate back into your room, long after the fire dies down or goes out. 
  3. Endless styles and materials - From period and modern styles to sleek timeless designs, natural stone fire surrounds can be created and moulded to offer lots of different colours, patterns, and finishes. Some types of natural stone, such as marble, are very dense and can be polished to a high shine. A stone like slate or limestone offers a raw stone look which is honed for a softer more welcoming and comforting look.
  4. Eco-friendly choice - Using natural stone and marble is an eco-friendly choice for the environment. The stone is taken from a quarry and moulded into the fireplace styles we’ve all seen on Pinterest and Instagram. The durability of stone ensures it will last for years to come without maintenance, which means that fewer natural resources are being used up
  5. High-quality appeal - Natural stone gives a fireplace a certain style and beauty, which is not easily achieved with man-made fireplace materials. The look and feel of natural stone exemplify its age-old appeal and convey a sense of quality in the design and construction. A high quality stone or marble fireplace is truly timeless and should last a lifetime.

Adding the finishing touches to your fireplace design

A fireplace set-up is nothing without the finishing touches to complement the showpiece in your living room. If you’re looking for a classic fireplace then you should include a hearth and fireplace chamber and even a companion set or log basket if you’re looking for a fireplace that uses wood or smokeless coal as the fuel source. For electric multi-purpose fireplaces, you should think about adding shelving to your media wall and a space for your TV and sound bar to create the ultimate media wall setup.


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