Media Fireplaces to Ignite Your Senses
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Media Fireplaces to Ignite Your Senses

Are you looking to create a cosy haven by introducing a media wall fireplace to your living space? A great place to start is Dimplex Ignite, this collection of electric fires will fill your room with warmth and comfort created by the flickering fire and LED lighting. All this ambient tech comes without concerns about safety, maintenance and cost thanks to the plug-and-play design of the Ignite collection of media wall fires.


Ignite Your Living Space
Free Dimplex Ignite Driftwood Log Set
The Collection of Dimplex Ignite Electric Fires
Benefits of the Ignite Electric Fire


Ignite Your Living Space

The Dimplex Ignite media wall electric fireplace is a modern and stylish fire that features edge-to-edge glass to give it a premium look and a seamless finish. The slim design makes this fire the perfect choice for building into a faux chimney wall to create a modern centrepiece or media wall fireplace in your home. 

With a unique flame picture, Dimplex uses Optiflame LED flame technology that allows you to select from one of six colour themes or you can cycle through the variety of colours giving you the flexibility to choose the colour to suit your home or mood. The brightness alongside the fuel bed colours can also be adjusted giving you a truly customisable electric fire.

Dimplex Room Shot

The crystal ice fuel bed provides the ultimate contemporary feel, there is also the option of a driftwood river rock log set which can give the fire a more premium look. Comfort Saver technology automatically adjusts the fan speed and temperature to precisely match the requirements of the room based on the thermostat setting. If the temperature in the room rises significantly, for example, if the sun comes through the window, your heater will turn off and periodically turn back on to circulate the air around the unit. Your Dimplex fire will continue to operate in this way until the room temperature drops and the heater is needed within the room again.

For a limited period only, if you purchase an Ignite fire, you get the Driftwood river rock log set free!


Free Dimplex Ignite Driftwood Log Set

If you’re new to the world of electric flame fires or simply haven’t decided what you’re looking for the Dimplex Ignite electric fire is a great option. With Black Friday around the corner, we’ve decided to team up with Dimplex to offer a free Driftwood River-rock fuel set when you purchase any Dimplex Ignite electric fire.

Alternative Fuel Bed

We love the crystal ice fuel bed that makes this fire so contemporary but the driftwood river-rock log set enhances the look of this fire even further and makes it customisable by giving the flames a more realistic backdrop.

Lava Stones by Dimplex


The Collection of Dimplex Ignite Electric Fires

  1. Dimplex XL50 Electric Fireplace - Looking for edge-to-edge glass on your electric fire with a flawless panoramic view of dazzling LED flames? Look no further than the popular XL50 electric fire which provides a stunning view of the flames from any angle. With a depth of only 147mm and no chimney or gas connection required, the Ignite electric fire is ideal for the modern home.
  2. Dimplex Ignite XL60 Electric Fireplace - This linear built-in electric fire creates a comfortable and ambient atmosphere in any room. The flame effect and unique Optiflame LED technology are eye-catchers for consumers looking for a fireplace that takes up very little space in the room. The fuel bed of decorative glass crystals and driftwood logs amplifies the realistic flame that rises from the base of the fire.
  3. Dimplex Ignite XL74 Electric Fireplace - If you’re looking for a showpiece in your living space then the XL74 needs to be a consideration. At almost 2m wide you can unwind with an electric fireplace that offers a captivating flame effect and creates a statement piece. Discover the beauty and simplicity of an electric fire in your media wall design with this Ignite fire.
  4. Dimplex Ignite XL100 Electric Fire - Completing the collection is the largest model in the range, coming in at over 2.5m in wither this fire can truly transform your living space into a cosy haven. The Ignite XL100 combines the very latest Optiflame flame technology with sleek lines and a 100% efficiency rating with an energy-saving mode.
XL 50 Electric Fire
£829.00 Was £1,149.99
Dimplex Ignite XL 60
Dimplex Ignite 74" Electric Fire
£1,039.00 Was £1,449.99
Dimplex Ignite XL 100

Benefits of the Ignite Electric Fire

When you’re in the market for a brand new electric fire or fireplace an ultra-realistic flame effect is one of the most important features of the fire and often the deciding factor. Everyone wants an electric fire that looks and even sounds like a real wood-burning fire, Dimplex has a range of electric fires and stoves that mimic the look and feel of a solid fuel fire.

Dimplex 74

Optiflame technology - The Ignite fireplace uses what Dimplex call Optiflame technology. This is their original and most popular flame effect, refined for the modern home. Optiflame uses a convincing illusion of dancing flames that will enhance your home throughout the year thanks to the lights on flames off function.

Fully recessed - For the classic media wall look, the Ignite electric fire can be fully inset to your wall making it a sleek, space-saving heater you need. Position your TV above this beautiful fire to complete the look.

Lights on heat off - Enjoy the ambience of flickering LED flames and lights without the heat, this is a fantastic option to use in the warmer months of the year when heat isn’t a requirement. Did you know that you can run this fire for less than £20 per year when using the flame effect-only setting?

Intelligent remote control - Adjust the heat and lighting of the Ignite fire from the comfort of your sofa by using the sleek remote control handset. This remote doesn’t just control the on/off function you can adjust the base colours, flames and even set timers so the fire comes on when you get home! 

Crystal clear glass front - The solid glass front adds a premium feel to this seamless fire as well as protecting the crystal ice and realistic log fuel bed. The glass gives a perfect view of the impressive flame picture and has been designed to reduce glare and reflections.

Heat exit - The heat exits from the top of the fire in a downward direction so you don’t have to worry too much about and it has a max output of 1.6kW

Eco-friendly - The Ignite collection of media wall fires offer 100% efficiency which means all of the heat that is produced is used in the room with no waste. The fires also feature an open-window detection function, if the temperature drops from an open window or door, the fire turns off to save energy, plus there’s even an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating.

For extra inspiration, we’ve included some videos and completed installations of the Dimplex Ignite XL electric fires for you to browse. If you need any further information about this range feel free to contact our team before you buy.

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