Which are the Best Electric Fires for a Media Wall?
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Which are the Best Electric Fires for a Media Wall?

If you’re considering creating a media wall fireplace in your home using an electric fire, this guide should provide you with some ideal electric fire options. Media walls incorporate stunning built-in electric fires and are fast becoming one of the most popular interior design trends. If you want to include an electric fireplace in your media wall, keep reading to find out which of our fires are best used in a media wall.

We update this guide regularly to include the best new electric fires with the most realistic flame effects. The electric fires featured in this article have been tested by our in-house experts to ensure we recommend an electric fire that will be value for money and top-rated.

When it comes to recommending you an electric fire it comes down to more than just the price. We’ve considered lots of factors including the style, flame effect and fuel bed type.

How Wide Should a Media Wall Fire Be?

When creating a media wall using an electric fire a huge consideration is how wide the fire will need to be. You’ll want to buy an electric fire that is proportionate to the size of the room and if you’re fitting the fire beneath a television a big consideration is whether you’d like the fire to be the same width or slightly larger than your TV.

Which Flame Technology Should I Choose?

Each brand of fire creates its own unique flame technologies so there are plenty of options when it comes to the style of flames within the fire. We recommend watching the different product videos that are available, there are stunning three-dimensional flame effects and plenty of LED effects that add depth and allow customisation to the flickering flames.

Which Fuel Beds are Most Realistic?

Another design element to consider is the type of fuel bed within the fire. Most customers tend to choose a realistic log fuel bed but there are often different types of logs including silver birch and firewood. Pebbles or crystals within the base of the fire could give your new fire a refreshing and contemporary aesthetic this is something to consider too.

Are There Extra Features to Consider?

The final thing you may want to consider is whether you wish your fire to include any extra features. Lots of fires can be operated by more than just a remote handset, would you like your fire to be Alexa or Google Home compatible? Some built-in electric fires incorporate a sound element, allowing you to enjoy the relaxing sounds of crackling logs as well as the flickering firelight. Finally, some electric fires offer LED mood lights that can sit around the fire or within the media wall, these kits add the finishing detail to help create a super stylish end result.

The Best Electric Fires Voted by Our Experts

Best Value for Money Media Wall Electric Fires

If you're looking for an electric fire on a budget, we've put together our best budget options that offer some amazing value for money. We're not just selecting these models on price, they all feature some of the latest flame technology and can produce a flame effect option separately to heat.

Gazco Radiance 135R Inset Electric Fire
£749.00 Was £1,195.00
XL 50 Electric Fire
£829.00 Was £1,149.99
Commodus S1000 3-Sided
£1,035.00 Was £1,145.00
FLARE Invision 1250-3SL Built-In Electric Fire
£935.00 Was £1,099.00

Best Overall Quality Media Wall Fires

The electric fires we’ve selected here tick all the boxes when it comes to both build quality and realism. They all offer comprehensive warranty whilst looking the part too! These fires are the best of the best but bear in mind you’ll pay a little bit more for these models given the realistic flame tech and extra features they come with.

eReflex 135RW electric fire
£1,299.00 Was £1,935.00
Vision Futura VF1500 Built-In Electric Fire
£1,299.00 Was £1,499.00
Evonic Creative 1800 Built-In Electric Fire
ELLERE EL150R Electric Fire
£1,099.00 Was £1,749.00

Electric Fires with the Best Flame Effects

Thanks to modern and innovative flame technology we now have electric fires that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing with some amazing real flame effects. If you’re interested in an electric fire that produces a flame with a real fire glow, then check out the options we think are some of the best on the market.

Gazco eStudio 135R Inset Electric Fire
Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1500-3SL Built-In Electric Fire
£1,599.00 Was £2,069.00
Vision Futura VF1300 2-Sided Installation
£1,299.00 Was £1,399.00
Celsi Electriflame VR Commodus S1600 Inset Electric Fire
£1,639.00 Was £1,820.00

Best Extra Wide Electric Fires

Here you’ll find the largest electric fireplaces that are designed for media wall-style installations. Some of these fires measure over 2m in width so if you want to make a showpiece in your home these electric fires are well worth looking at! 

Dimplex Ignite 74" Electric Fire
£1,039.00 Was £1,449.99
ELLERE EL180R Built-In Electric Fire
£1,299.00 Was £2,049.00
eReflex 195RW 1-2-3 Sided Electric Fire
£1,795.00 Was £2,695.00
Evonic Creative 2400 Built-In Electric Fire

There are plenty of options when it comes to creating a media wall so if you’ve not quite found the fire for you don’t give up hope! Other options include portrait electric fires, hang-on-the-wall fires and even double-sided electric fires.

You can view all the electric fires we’re able to supply by clicking here.

We really hope that our electric fire options have provided you with some food for thought and hope you’re able to choose the perfect fire for your home. If you need any further help or advice on the electric fires we’ve included in this article please feel free to contact one of the members of our sales team.

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