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6" Twin Wall Flue System

Our 6" twin wall insulated flue systems are used when there is no constructed chimney available. Used in period or new build properties without chimneys and in many conversions and renovations where the chimney stack has been removed or the wood burning stoves desired position is not where the chimney is located.

An insulated flue system is a low cost alternative for removing the smoke and flue gases from wood burning, multi-fuel, gas or pellet stove. Our HETAS and CE approved 6" twin wall flue are simple, clean and easy to install, we recommend a competent person to fit this product.

A 6" diameter double-wall flue system can be used both indoor and outdoor and often pass through walls, floors and roofs. The twin wall flue system is waterproof, corrosion-resistant and is made from stainless steel but can be powder coated black to match your appliance. There are twin wall insulated flue components to suit most requirements, whether it be long, short or adjustable lengths, 15, 30 or 45 degree angled bends, as well as a large selection of flashings, brackets and cowls.

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