Which Fireplace Beam is Best to Buy?
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Which Fireplace Beam is Best to Buy?

Are you looking to enhance your fireplace or wood burner set-up? You may wish to consider a fireplace beam or floating surround. Fireplaces have traditionally always included a mantle, a surround and a hearth so a floating beam is an affordable alternative that can amplify your living space into something more cosy and rustic. 


What is a Fireplace Beam?  
Why are Fireplace Beams so Popular?
Which are the Best Fireplace Beams to Buy?
Which Fireplace Beams are Suitable for Log Burners?


What is a Fireplace Beam?  

A fireplace beam or floating mantel gives the illusion of a suspended beam or lintel in your room, adding a traditional or modern aesthetic to your space depending on the style of beam you decide upon. These mantels are simple and easy to install, they are held in place by concealed brackets to ensure a seamless fit on your wall.

Geocast Fireplace Beam

Our floating mantels are available in wooden or non-combustible materials (also know as Geocast beams), they are a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that will add a touch of rustic charm to any fireplace or wood burner set-up.


Why are Fireplace Beams so Popular?

  1. Rustic character - A fireplace beam can often add a warm tone to your room but it also adds an abundance of character thanks to the rustic designs. Natural wood fireplace beams like oak and walnut provide you with a completely unique piece of furniture thanks to the grain, knots and colour of the wood. You will never get two of the same fireplace beam and natural beams will age beautifully overtime into something even more homely and rustic.
  2. Durable & long-lasting - Whether you choose a natural wood fireplace beam or non-combustible option they are built to last a lifetime. Oak has been the material of choice for centuries and it’s easy to see why. Beams are predominantly produced from hardwood which is traditionally used for carving because it is resilient to fungal attacks which makes it less prone to decay and rotting.
  3. Easy to install - Unlike a stone fireplace surround that comes in a few parts and requires careful assembly, fireplace beams are simple and easy to install. All our fireplace beams are supplied with the relevant fixings and pre-drilled holes if necessary for your to easily fit. Your fireplace beam can be hung from a plastered wall within less than 30 minutes without any specialist skills.
  4. Numerous sizes - Wooden & composite fireplace beams are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes which means you can easily source one to suit your fireplace opening. We can offer custom sizing on lots of the different fireplace beams we supply so get in touch with us if you require something made to measure.
  5. Decoration options are endless - One of the great benefits of having a fireplace beam is you’ll be able to seasonally spruce up your home and decorate this feature throughout the year. Whether you want to create a focal point in your room or accessorise your beam with furnishings like a Tenderflame candle, flowers or fairly lights.


Which are the Best Fireplace Beams to Buy?

When it comes to floating fireplace shelves there are lots of rustic options to enhance the overall design of your fireplace area. There are plenty of fireplace beam materials for your to choose including solid oak, concrete effect and even non-combustible options which mean you don’t need excessive clearance between your beam and your fire or log burner. Here we’ve put together some of the most popular options for fireplace mantel beams for you to browse.

Non-Combustible Urban Concrete Fireplace Beam
Aged Rustic Oak Fireplace Beam, Walnut
Gallery Light Oak Timber Effect Non-Combustible 48" Fireplace Beam
Medium Oak Beam
Gallery Dark Oak Timber Effect Non-Combustible 48" Fireplace Beam

Which Fireplace Beams are Suitable for Log Burners?

If you’re looking to install a beam above a wood burning stove it is very important that the beam is installed at safe distance away. Lots of our beams are made from natural wooden materials which means they are combustible and need the correct amount of clearance from your log burner. Each log burner we supply comes with an installation guide advising you of the correct amount of clearance you’ll need to give to non-combustible materials. Document J of The Building Regulations is another great document to reference when you’re installing a beam above a wood burner. 

You’ll also need to consider the distance that your beam is away from the stove pipe. As a general rule a combustible floating beam should be placed 3 times the diameter of the flue pipe away from the flue. For example, if your stove pipe is 125mm in diameter which is the most common, the beam will need to be at least 375mm away from the flue, in any direction.

Beam Distances

If you’re short on clearance then a twin wall flue pipe which only requires a 60mm clearance is an options or a non-combustible beam is another fantastic way to achieve the look. Non-combustible beams and surrounds are made from a mineral composite that have heat resistant properties. The beams are moulded from real wooden beams for a truly authentic look then hand-finished in various colours. Each non-combustible beam we supply looks incredibly realistic, whether that be from the brand Gallery or OER Fireplaces… you really won't believe they are not made from wood.

Beam Brackets

You may also wish to consider our decorative cast beam brackets to create a more traditional aesthetic. They are available in two sizes and come in pairs, they are a great addition and give the impression that they are holding the beam upon your wall.

Geocast Decorative Beam Brackets (Pair), Large
Geocast Decorative Beam Brackets (Pair), Small

Tips When Fitting a Fireplace Beam

When fitting a fireplace beam preparing the wall is an essential step, you’ll want to mark out on your chimney breast where you want the centre of the beam to be positioned. Ensuring the beam is level is another important factor, make sure you use a spirit level when fitting your beam so it sits perfectly level on your newly plastered wall.

Another tip when fitting a floating beam above a log burner is to ensure the relevant clearance has been measured. Wood burners produce a lot of heat so making sure your beam is a safe distance away has to be your main priority.

Overall, a fireplace beam is very simple to install you’ll receive manufacturer instructions with your purchase so follow the step by step guidelines to unsure your fireplace beam sits perfectly flush against your wall.