Cooking Smell Remedies for the Kitchen
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Cooking Smell Remedies for the Kitchen

If you’re in the process of designing a new kitchen or are having trouble with lingering kitchen smells this article might be an interesting read for you. We’ll talk you through all the problems budding chefs run into and how to reduce or prevent them entirely.


Cooking Smell Remedies for the Kitchen
Cooker Hoods are the Answer
Top Rated Cooker Hoods to Buy
What are the Different Types of Cooker Hoods?
Try a Charcoal Filter Splatter Screen 


Cooking Smell Remedies for the Kitchen

Strong cooking odours can linger in small kitchens more so than larger rooms, in part because they tend to have less ventilation. In a small kitchen, you may only have one window, in comparison to three or four in a larger room — and this is especially the case for kitchens without an external door. The scent also has less space to circulate, meaning it doesn’t just linger longer but it may even smell stronger too. If you’ve been enjoying a strong-smelling dish, such as seafood or bacon, but you’re struggling to shake off the cooking scent, the good news is that there are a number of ways to disperse this odour using common household items you may already have in your cupboard!

Placing small bowls of un-brewed coffee grounds around the kitchen is an efficient and easy way to absorb cooking smells. Simmering potpourri, while you cook, can both absorb unwanted smells and replace them with a more pleasant aroma. The peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and oranges, are especially effective for neutralising odours, while strong scents like rosemary, cinnamon, and ginger are great at filling the small room with a smell that is kinder to the nose.

Kitchen Smells


Cooker Hoods are the Answer

Of course, the best method of dealing with any unpleasant odour is prevention. A good quality cooker hood is essential for keeping your kitchen ventilated. Models with multiple extraction speeds are best, and a cooker hood with a light will make it easier to spot food splatters which may contribute to lingering odours. You may also want to opt for a cooker hood with a low decibel rating to reduce the noise in the kitchen for a more pleasant cooking experience. Don’t forget to clean the filter of your extractor fan every three to four months to ensure it is ventilating the kitchen efficiently. Cleaning while you cook can help you keep on top of kitchen odours too, as well as using pan lids and splatter guards to reduce mess when cooking on the hob.

Cooking Hoods are suitable for almost any kitchen, along with integrated hoods which are stylish yet practical, and they will complement any range cooker or hob. Integrated hobs are built to operate on low noise levels whilst maintaining high air quality within your kitchen. Normally built within kitchen units integrated hoods are discrete yet effective, with up to 3 fan speeds they will remove any unwanted odours when cooking and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Island hoods add a touch of luxury to modern kitchens. These are designed to sit over your range cooker or hob when they are located in the middle of the kitchen or within an island.


Top Rated Cooker Hoods to Buy

Which are the best cooker hoods to buy we hear you say. Well, our team has put together some top chimney hood options for range cookers and built-in extraction options if you prefer your ventilation to be hidden and out of sight. We’ve included lots of different cooker & chimney hood styles with a bounty of colour options to suit all types of kitchen decor so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

 Rangemaster REXT720
Rangemaster Zest Extractor Hood
Stoves Sterling 110T Chimney Hood, Stainless Steel

What are the Different Types of Cooker Hoods?

There are several types of cooker hoods available for you to buy and it is an important factor to consider when designing a kitchen. We’ve listed the main 4 types of cooker hoods that consumers in the UK tend to buy, so make sure you opt for one that best suits your kitchen design but also the size and style you need.

  1. Integrated Hoods - This discreet and hidden style is ideal for those who do not want to make a big feature of the cooker hood. An integrated cooker hood can be built straight into your kitchen cabinetry or within the plasterboard on a faux chimney breast that will often sit above a large range cooker. At a glance, this vented hood will seamlessly fit within your kitchen but ensure it is within reach so you can operate the extraction speed, lighting and other features. These built-in kitchen vents are available in both recirculating and extracting models so you’re not restricted to housing them on outside walls.
  2. Chimney Hoods - One of the most sought-after types of cooker hoods are chimney hoods and they have become incredibly popular in recent years. They create stylish statements and are often manufactured by the same brand as the cooker so everything pairs together nicely. These trendy chimney hoods often come in brushed stainless steel or metallic black finishes and can sit snuggly between two units or are perfectly happy to be fitted on their own as a standalone hood. Chimney hoods feature a wide section that tapers out at the bottom and they can bring a traditional aesthetic to on-trend shaker kitchens and sleek contemporary designs alike.
  3. Designer Hoods - If you’re looking to create a real statement and wow all your family and friends then a designer hood sounds like it is the best choice for your kitchen needs. Designer hoods are made to complement contemporary-style kitchens and create a stunning visual impact. The downside to designer hoods is they come at a cost, they are often the most expensive type of cooker hoods and you can expect to pay over £1000 for this type of ventilation hood. They do however look stunning and are a great way to set your kitchen apart from the rest.
  4. Island Hoods - These cooker hoods are designed to sit above a kitchen island hob whether that be a gas-powered hob or induction hob. Island hoods generally drop down from the ceiling for a suspended stylish focal point. You should be able to view your island hood from every angle so it will look pristine from all sides, unlike a wall-mounted hood. Island hoods are a popular choice but don’t look like a traditional hood so you need to think long and hard about this glamorous kitchen feature.


Try a Charcoal Filter Splatter Screen and Splashbacks

Another idea to reduce smells in your kitchen is to try a splatter screen over your pans. If you're going to be frying up some bacon or fish, it's a good idea to invest in an odour-absorbing charcoal splatter screen. You can usually pick these items up for not much more than £20 on the likes of Amazon. Not only does this protect your range cooker or stove countertop from grease splatters, but the charcoal filter absorbs odour as you cook.

As we mentioned earlier cleaning while you cook can help you keep on top of kitchen odours too and a splashback makes this so much easier. One of the main benefits of having a splashback fitted in your kitchen is to protect your kitchen walls from stains but it also makes cleaning that much easier. A glass or steel splashback makes cleaning food splatters easy unlike tiled surfaces which are hard to clean between the gaps. Splashbacks are also really easy to maintain and the materials are often naturally resistant to water and bacteria making food splashes even easier to effortlessly clean.


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