The Benefits of Buying a Range Cooker
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The Benefits of Buying a Range Cooker

A freestanding range cooker has lots of benefits, in this article, we will try to give you a rundown of why you should consider a range cooker or at least give you some food for thought.

As well as providing a statement centrepiece to your kitchen a range cooker can offer so much more in terms of cooking capacity and flexibility. When you buy a range cooker you can benefit from larger or multiple ovens which often include cooking functions that can defrost, grill, brown and fan assist. You’ll also have a separate high-powered grill and a choice of gas, ceramic or induction hob. That’s a lot packed into a cooker that is only 30cm wider than a standard built-in oven.

What are the Benefits of a Range Cooker?

Versatile Cooking

Range cookers are arguably the most versatile kitchen appliance you can buy. They typically feature two or more ovens and you can have different dishes on the go at the same time. Your food can also be cooked at different temperatures simultaneously. 

The extensive hob space included with some of the larger range cookers has space enough for several saucepans, they can prevent you from having to buy other kitchen appliances, saving you money both now and in the future.

Other quality features often included within a range cooker include a grill, warming draws, a powerful wok burner and a slow cook oven. These large-capacity cookers are perfect for foodie families and cooking enthusiasts.

Choosing the Style

Range cookers are extremely practical however the style you decide upon is arguably one of the main benefits of buying and owning a range cooker. 

Whether you opt for a traditional farmhouse design or a sleek and modern cooker you’ll need to ensure it complements your kitchen furniture. A range cooker can be the focal point of your kitchen and completely transform the space, they act as the central area where both cooking and socialising take place.

As you’ll discover when browsing our range, the cookers are available in a variety of stunning colours. Versatile colours like black & slate fit with most kitchen designs however if you want to create an attractive centrepiece you might decide on a pastel green or stone blue colour for maximum impact.

Cooker Durability 

Buying a range cooker can initially be a significant financial investment however it can often be an investment for life. The exceptional build quality and robust design of most range cookers mean that they rarely need to be replaced.

If you ever decide to move house lots of range cookers are often taken with their owners. We’d recommend that you use a competent tradesperson if you decide that you want to install your existing cooker into your new home.

Storage Space

Many range cooker models have storage drawers and compartments built in into the cavity. These spaces are used to store a wide variety of cooking equipment such as pots, pans, and griddles. Many range cookers also have handles and rails around their exterior, allowing you to hang tea towels, ladles or other utensils from them.

To summarise, a range cooker can improve the way you organise your kitchen, it allows you to have plenty of space to hide lots of cooking items tidily out of sight.


Range Cooker Vs Built-In Oven 

We’re often asked whether a range cooker is better than a built-in oven. In truth, both can be assets to your kitchen but we feel the advantages of a range cooker make it the most sensible choice if you have the space for one. 

Here, we’ve listed the main benefits of a range cooker for your consideration if you’re struggling to decide between the two.

  • Larger cooking capacity 
  • Two or more ovens 
  • Various sizes 
  • More colour options 
  • Better cooking functions 
  • Hobs are included 
  • Longer lifespan

Range Cooking Fuel Types Explained

Wood Burning Range Cooker

Today’s range cookers can be run using various types of fuel, meaning you can choose one that best suits your cooking style.

You have the option of four types of fuel to choose from

  1. Electric range cookers - Electric ovens with induction or ceramic hob
  2. Dual fuel range cookers - Electric ovens with gas-powered hobs
  3. Gas range cookers - Gas ovens & cooktops with a mains gas connection or LPG
  4. Wood Burning range cookers - These cookers will warm your kitchen too

Electric cookers with induction hobs are the most popular type of range cooker, closely followed by dual-fuel cookers.

Off-grid properties can benefit greatly from liquid propane gas (LPG) cookers and wood-fired range cookers so you may want to read our wood burning cooker guide if this type of cooker interests you.

Which Size Range Cooker Should I Buy? 

The size of Range cookers starts at 60cm in width the other sizes include 90cm, 100cm, 110cm and 120cm. We've made this even easier on our website, you can view our fantastic selection by cooker width, just take a look here.

60cm Freestanding Cookers60cm Freestanding Cookers
60cm Freestanding Cookers
90cm Range Cookers90cm Range Cookers
90cm Range Cookers
100cm Range Cookers100cm Range Cookers
100cm Range Cookers
110cm Range Cookers110cm Range Cookers
110cm Range Cookers
120cm Range Cookers120cm Range Cookers
120cm Range Cookers

The space you have may dictate which size range cooker you can choose but if you have the space for a large range cooker you should take your time with this decision.

Which are the Best Range Cooker Brands?

We’ve been supplying range cookers for over 25 years so we have some great experience that we hope will help you to choose a suitable range cooker. Below we've added just some of the brands that we partner with that offer amazing quality and real value for money.

Where to Buy Range Cookers? 

Range cookers are available to buy online from retailers like us and in-store. We have a great selection of range cookers available for you to view in our showrooms.

If you’d like to know more about what a range cooker can add to your kitchen or if you have any questions about the best brand for you. We are here to help so either give us a call 01484 940111 or visit our contact page.

110cm Range Cookers110cm Range Cookers
110cm Range Cookers
Induction Hob Range CookersInduction Hob Range Cookers
Induction Hob Range Cookers
Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Range CookersWood Burning & Multi-fuel Range Cookers
Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Range Cookers
Dual Fuel Range CookersDual Fuel Range Cookers
Dual Fuel Range Cookers
Gas Range CookersGas Range Cookers
Gas Range Cookers



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