Wood Burning Cookers for the Kitchen
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Wood Burning Cookers for the Kitchen

Wood Burning Cook Stoves Guide

Wood-Burning Range Cookers also known as Cook Stoves are historically used in farmhouses or homes without mains gas. They can be used as a form of heating and as the main cooking appliance for the property. Some wood-burning and multi-fuel cookers incorporate a back boiler for water heating and central heating; they are incredibly versatile and can heat your entire home.

The typical installation of a log-burning range cooker takes place within the chimney area of a kitchen to make it easy to install and you can utilise the chimney flue. If you don't have a chimney, the use of a twin-wall flue system eliminates the need for this, the wood-burning cooker can be positioned almost anywhere in the kitchen.

With energy prices increasing, wood-burning cookers have become more popular. They are super reliable and obviously won't be affected if let's say there is a power cut. Take a look at our most popular log-burning cookers below.


Smaller Cook Stoves

More recently wood fired cook stoves have been manufactured in smaller sizes starting at 40cm in width. These products provide you with the opportunity to fit a stove with cooking capabilities in an outhouse, workshop, cabin or other small areas. The cookers have low distance requirements to combustible materials which means they won't dominate space in the room in which they are installed. You'll find some products matching the above criteria below, some of the products feature a cooktop option and some incorporate an oven too.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Wood-Burning Cooker  

Buying a range cooker is a huge commitment. It is a sizable kitchen appliance that has been designed to last for decades so there are a number of things you should at least think about before you commit to buying one.

When choosing your range cooker, make sure it is not only the right physical size for you but check its heat output is the right size for your room or home. The heat output of each wood-fired cook is measured in kW. We can convert this to British Thermal Units (BTU) if you require. 

As we've mentioned, the range cookers we supply should last a long time, they are built from robust materials such as cast iron and high-grade steel. This means you’ll be buying a quality product, but also a heavy one. When selecting your range cooker, consider its weight before you checkout and buy it on our website. Range cookers can weigh over 300kg so you need to ensure that your kitchen floor is level and able to take the weight of the appliance before you commit.  

Luckily, lots of the cookers we supply require really low distance requirements to combustible materials but you still need to ensure you stick to the criteria required and you have ample space around the appliance for the heat to disperse safely.


Other Options to Buying a Wood Burning Cooker?

If you're still not convinced a wood-burning range cooker is right for you, why not view our range of Dual Fuel, Gas & Induction hob range cookers here?