A Guide to Rangemaster Cookers
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A Guide to Rangemaster Cookers

Rangemaster Cookers The Things You Need To Know

Are you thinking about buying a Rangemaster range cooker for your kitchen? Here we’ll help talk you through the many options and explain the benefits of the different models & the fuel types available. Keep reading to discover the benefits of the iconic Rangemaster range cookers made by AGA.

You'll find a Rangemaster in more homes than any other range cooker. They made the world’s first range cooker in 1830 on the very same site in Royal Leamington Spa where the production of range cookers continues today.

Whether you are replacing an old cooker or have decided to upgrade your kitchen and have opted to buy a Rangemaster, pinning down the model you want can be a very daunting task. Buying a Rangemaster cooker is a huge investment so we want to make sure you are equipped with all the right information so you can decide on which Rangemaster cooker is best for you.

Which are the Best Rangemaster Cookers?

We’ll start by providing you with the models we find are most popular and come with the most desirable features. There are over 400 Rangemaster cookers to choose from so we’ve tried to narrow down our best-selling styles, colours and widths that all come with an array of features and cooking functions.

We have so many favourites, from the French-inspired Rangemaster Elise to the traditional Rangemaster Classic which is ideal for farmhouses or cottages. All the different designs available can be used to complement or contrast your kitchen furniture.


Best Traditional Rangemaster Cookers 

Here we've selected Rangemaster cookers that are well-suited to traditional or classic-style kitchens. If you have a shaker kitchen or painted in-frame cabinets then these ranges will really complement the style.

Rangemaster Elise White Induction
£3,659.00 Was £3,889.00
Rangemaster Classic 90 Gloss Black Dual Fuel
Rangemaster Classic FX 90cm Induction Range Cooker, Mineral Green
Rangemaster Classic Deluxe 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker, Cream
£2,749.00 Was £2,869.00

Best Contemporary Rangemaster Cookers

If you're looking for a range cooker to be installed within a contemporary kitchen then you might want to consider the Rangemaster cookers below. These cookers are well suited to kitchen designs that typically consist of open spaces, minimalist features, and simple colour palettes.

Rangemaster Esprit 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker, Black
£2,329.00 Was £2,389.00
Nexus SE 110 Induction Stainless Steel
£3,699.00 Was £3,779.00
Rangemaster Professional Plus 90cm Induction Range Cooker, Stainless Steel
£2,649.00 Was £2,699.00
Rangemaster Professional Plus FX 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker, Slate
£2,269.00 Was £2,329.00

It may take a while but once you’ve settled on the style you can give some thought to the fuel type, there are a few to consider and as ever there's something to suit everyone. Most of the models are available with either induction or gas hobs.

Which Fuel Type Should I Choose for My Rangemaster?

When it comes to the fuel type you have a few options but this is a very personal choice that will boil down to your style of cooking.

Gas range cookers

With a gas range cooker, there are two types available; natural gas or LPG. Natural gas also known as mains gas is available in most areas so is the most common option. LPG cookers are often needed in off-grid rural areas you’ll have a cylinder or tank of propane gas which is used for cooking. If you require LPG jets for your hob we can supply these free of charge when you make your range cooker purchase, please make us aware so we can post the parts to you.

Dual-Fuel range cookers

Rangemaster dual-fuel cookers feature gas-powered hobs with electric ovens, combining the strength of both. The gas cooktop provides a hands-on experience of open-flame cooking and the electric ovens evenly distribute heat at precise temperatures which is ideal for baking.

Electric range cookers

Electric range cookers with induction hobs are the most popular type, they are the go-to fuel type if your property has no mains gas. You should check your energy supply and fuse to ensure the cooker you are wanting to buy is suitable for your home. All electric cookers should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Benefits of Rangemaster Induction Hobs

Induction is by far the most controllable cooking surface there is. It delivers a very high heat when you need it and it can be gentle enough to melt chocolate directly in the pan. It heats up pans quicker than any other type of hob and the best thing is that you simply wipe it clean after cooking.

The controllability of induction cannot be beaten. It is so easy to simply turn down or turn up the heat and watch as the pan responds instantly. This means you can achieve exactly the right amount of simmering or boiling depending on what you are cooking. 

It will deliver consistency, every single time you cook the exact same amount of heat can be achieved. Because the induction is controlled via a dial on the front of the fascia panel of the cooker it means you can swiftly turn down the heat to stop things boiling over, for example, as there are no touch controls the hob will not shut off if water is spilt onto the hob. Simply wipe up spills and carry on cooking!

Some induction range cookers include the bridging zone which heats the designated zone rather than the surroundings.

Which are the Best Features of a Rangemaster?

Lots of Rangemaster range cookers come packed with handy cooking functions that make your job in the kitchen much easier. Here we’ve given you some insights into our favourite ones.


Rangemaster Features

Slow Cook Ovens

A Rangemaster with a slow-cook oven could be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing which cooker is best. As well as enabling you to cook using a slower, longer programme (typically between 80˚C and 140˚C), they can also be used to warm food, plates and cups.

Slow Cook Ovens

Bread Proving Drawer

You can prove bread in the bread-proving drawer of your Rangemaster range cooker. These drawers which can also be used for storage contain a very low wattage electric element, this allows warmed air into the drawer at the optimum temperature to prove your bread, pizza dough or pastries. The proving drawer could also be used to melt butter, rest meat or warm plates ready for serving. 

Bread Proving Drawer

Glide-Out Grill & Trivet

Positioned on the smooth pull-out telescopic runners, the glide-out grill makes it easier to check up on your food whilst it is grilling. The trivet within lots of Rangemaster grills offers cooking flexibility, there are four grilling depth options to suit every type of dish. 

Glide Out Grill & Trivet

What Sizes of Rangemaster Cookers are Available?

Rangemaster range cookers start at 60cm wide, known as mini range cookers. The most popular sizes include 90cm, 100cm & 110cm. Large range cookers can offer over 30% extra in their oven cavities than an average built-in oven, you can also cook a variety of dishes and keep food warm without worrying about the timing as much. 

With a spacious 110cm Rangemaster cooker you can cater for large families, there is ample cooking space and lots of these cookers have 2 or more ovens complete with plenty of oven shelves.

Is the Rangemaster Warranty any Good?

Yes, each Rangemaster range cooking appliances come with a 2 warranty upon registration within 30 days of your delivery. For your peace of mind, the Rangemaster warranty covers all parts and labour on their entire range of cookers. 

In the unlikely event that you run into a problem with your cooker, you can contact us with the serial number of the cooker (located in the main oven cavity). We’ll require a short description of the problem you’re experiencing and we will arrange to have an engineer out to you within no time to resolve the problem. 

Which Other Appliances to Consider?

Rangemaster is well known for manufacturing some of the best top-quality range cookers but it doesn't stop there. There are other products they produce that you may not have heard of, they have a range of sinks, taps, extraction hoods, splashbacks and even refrigeration it's a brand that can really buy into if you want the same make for all your kitchen appliances.

If you’re looking to buy a Rangemaster cooker we’re not going to try to dissuade you as we love the brand and the products that are available. If you can’t find the right style or need further inspiration, take a look at some of the other brands we supply that our customers love; Falcon, AGA Masterchef, Bertazzoni, ILVE, and Stoves are all top-rated if you need alternative cooker options.

If your property is off-grid and doesn't have a gas or electric supply, take a look at our wood-burning range cookers, these products are a freat choice and also heat the room in which they are installed.

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