Kamado Joe - What are the Differences?
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Kamado Joe - What are the Differences?

In this Kamado Joe buying guide, we’ll walk you through all the different products produced by Kamado Joe and talk about the features of the available models. We’ll review the top models at the end of the blog to try to help you decide which Kamado Joe you should buy.
Kamado Joe prides itself on making the world’s best ceramic charcoal cooker. Unlike other lots of other ceramic grills, a Kamado Joe has unmatched build quality with tonnes of innovative features. 

About the Brand Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is owned by the Middleby Group which produces well-known products you’re bound to have heard of like AGA Rangemaster. The brand was originally founded by Kerry Coker and Bobby Brennan in Atlanta in 2009, the grill's classic style has constantly improved alongside unmatched craftsmanship.


Kamado Joe Classic

The Kamado Joe Classic I is the original flagship Kamado BBQ and is the ideal choice for backyard grilling and smoking. The Classic offers hassle-free cooking with innovative built-in features that include:

  • Adjustable Vents - Located at the top and bottom of the barbecue these vents help to limit the amount of air entering the grill so the heat can be controlled.
  • Ceramic Internals - Solid ceramic internal parts help the kamado retain lots of heat which is especially helpful for low and slow cooks.
  • Felt Gasket - The gasket around the lid makes a tight seal when the lid is in the closed position. This helps trap the heat and smoke for amazing flavour.
  • Premium Cart - The heavy-weight cart makes it easy to move the Classic Joe, there are also locking castors if you need it to stay in one place.
  • Slide-Out Ash Drawer - The ash drawer helps to make it incredibly easy to clean out the firebox.
  • 2-tier Divide & Conquer - This flexible cooking system transforms the humble grill grate into multiple levels to allow you to cook over direct and indirect heat, perfect for searing steak and cooking vegetables at the same time.
Kamado Joe - Classic 18" Ceramic BBQ & Grill
£765.00 Was £899.00

Kamado Joe Classic II

The Classic II has been the best-selling model to date and has enabled Kamado Joe to develop yet more amazing ceramic egg grills. There are a few variations of this product including a stand-alone and larger (Big Joe) model. The additional innovations on this model when compared to the Classic I make it easy to see why it sits at a higher price point.

  • Kontrol Tower Top Vent - This additional vent maintains a precise airflow for more consistent cooking temperatures.
  • Air Lift Hinges - The incredible air lift hinges remove the heavy weight of the lid making it incredibly easy to open and close.
  • Improved Gasket - The gasket seal on the Classic II has also been updated to a fibreglass wire mesh material for a superior air-tight seal.
  • Existing features included - The Classic II still comes with the same cooking surface area, Divide & Conquer cooking system, cart and folding side shelves as the Classic model.
Kamado Joe Classic II 18" Stand Alone Ceramic BBQ & Grill
Kamado Joe - Big Joe 24" Stand-Alone Ceramic BBQ & Grill

Kamado Joe Classic III

Here enters the most advanced ceramic charcoal kamado grill to date. Like the Kamado Joe Classic II, there are a few variations of the model and lots of options to bundle together the popular accessories. The Classic III has a more stylish and sleek body with an improved trendy-looking cart, but it is also packed with a host of new features. 

  • SloRoller Cooking Tech - Using Harvard Science, the revolutionary and patented SloRoller insert transforms the Kamado Joe into the ultimate smoker. By distributing smoke and heat in rolling, recirculating waves, the SloRoller surrounds food in clouds of delicious smoke while evenly distributing heat.
  • Charcoal basket - into the Series III which helps to ignite the charcoal quicker as well as getting up to temperature quicker.
  • Improved Divide & Conquer - The insert has been increased to a 3-tier cooking system which frees you to cook different foods at different temperatures all at the same time.
  • Existing Features Included - Again, the Classic III includes the amazing and effortless air lift hinges, Kontrol tower top vent and fibreglass wire mesh gasket.
Kamado Joe - Classic III 18" Ceramic BBQ & Grill
£2,095.00 Was £2,149.00
Kamado Joe - Classic III 18" Stand Alone Ceramic BBQ & Grill
Kamado Joe - Big Joe III 18" Stand Alone Grill

Kamado Joe Konnected

Be one of the first to get your hands on the new Konnected Joe BBQ from Kamado Joe! This is the newest member of the Kamado Joe family and the first Wifi connected ceramic egg grill with auto-ignition and temperature control at the touch of a button. 

  • Auto Ignition - Simply press the Automatic Firestarter (AFS) button to ignite your charcoal barbecue, you can set your desired cooking temperature with the digital  Kontrol Board or in the App.
  • App Control - You can control your cook from anywhere with the Kamado Joe App. You’re able to set and adjust the temperature on a timer whilst monitoring your meat probes.
  • Kontrol Fan - The fan automatically maintains your desired cooking temperature from 225°F to a whopping 700°F.
  • Existing Features Included - The Konnected Joe includes all the amazing features that come with the older models including 250 square inches of cooking space, airlift hinges, Kontrol tower top vent and fibreglass wire mesh gasket.


Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Digital Charcoal Grill & Smoker

Kamado Joe Junior (Portable Joe)

Yes, there is a small portable Kamado Joe! The Joe Jr. offers a 13.5” diameter cooking surface, perfect for camping trips and picnics as well as trips to the beach. Despite its compact size, the Joe Jr. can still reach temperatures up to 400°C and is able to grill, sear, roast and smoke food to perfection.

  • Portable - The Joe Junior can be easily packed up and brought along if you’re going on a staycation or visiting the beach!
  • Perfect for Small Families - The ideal choice for small families, the Joe Jr can easily cook for four people or more if you’re super organised and can schedule the cook.
  • High Temperatures - Although small in size the Joe Jr can reach temperatures of 400°C so can sear and grill as well as the rest.
Kamado Joe - Joe Jr. 13.5" Ceramic BBQ & Grill
£395.00 Was £499.00

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe

This is a robust top-of-the-range kettle BBQ! The Kettle Joe uses a ceramic firebox like the larger Joe models to improve the heat retention and durability of the grill and will offer you the best cooking experience possible. 

  • Hinged Lid - No need to remove the lid each time you tend to your food, this will also help trap the smokey flavours in your food too.
  • Side Shelves - The shelves provide you with enough space to prep and serve your dishes whilst being able to fold away for easy storage.
  • Ceramic Firebox - Like lots of the other Kamado Joe’s the Kettle Joe comes with a ceramic-lined firebox for brilliant heat retention. It means your Kettle BBQ should last longer than most too.
Kamado Joe - Kettle Joe BBQ & Grill
£579.00 Was £599.00

Which Kamado Joe Should I Buy?

Now that we’ve covered the differences between the different Kamado Joe models, you may be wondering which is the best Kamado Joe for you. Here’s how we’d recommend you decide… The Classic I is perfect for customers looking to begin the barbecue journey, it is easy to use and very forgiving. We would also recommend this ceramic egg for charcoal grillers who are looking to make the jump to ceramic cooking.

The Classic II range of egg BBQs is ideal for cooking enthusiasts who are comfortable with ceramic charcoal cooking. If you’re looking to take your grilling to the next level then the Classic II could be a great investment. This is not just a grill, it is also a smoker, a pizza oven and a rotisserie so there is plenty of different ways for you to experiment and improve your outdoor cooking skills.

The top-rated and high-quality Classic III Joe has been designed for outdoor cooks that have a bit of experience. We’re not putting you off if you’re a first-time buyer but be prepared to learn some new skills that once mastered you can enjoy some of the most delicious tasting food imaginable. 

We really hope you’ve found our Kamado Joe buying guide useful and hope you’re now ready to buy your own Kamado Joe! If you have any unanswered questions feel free to get in touch with our experienced sales team we would be all too happy to help!


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