The Best Gas BBQs to Buy
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The Best Gas BBQs to Buy

There is a lot to consider when you’re hunting for a new gas barbecue or grill, our best gas bbq guide will walk you through our handpicked selection. We update this guide regularly to include the best new models that we and our customers love. The barbecues featured in this article have been tested by our in-house experts to ensure we recommend you a gas grill that will be value for money and top-rated.

We’re hoping by the time you’ve read our guide you’ll know which gas barbecue is perfect for your garden or patio. We ask you to think about how many people you’ll be feeding, whether any storage space is required and what type of special features you’ll need. All the BBQs we’re recommending in this article are well constructed and sturdy and they’ll provide you with a controlled and consistent cook that will help you to enjoy the British summer. Whether you’re cooking for your family or entertaining large social gatherings we’ve put a range of the best gas BBQs to help find the right model for you.  

Gas BBQ's from StovesAreUs

Unlike charcoal grills, gas BBQs heat up in no time (usually within 15 minutes) the gas burners provide an even heat that can be easily adjusted using the control knobs. With a gas barbecue, you don’t need to constantly tend to grill or stoke the coals regularly. We’ve put together some categories and selected the best-in-class BBQs to help get you started.

How Much Should I Spend on a Gas Barbecue? 

Gas barbecues usually cost a little more than charcoal grills, but you can find good ones within a wide price range. Prices for high-quality gas grills start at around £400 whilst top-of-the-range models will easily reach over £1000. If you are considering a larger BBQ with several burners or with special features like an extra side burner, be prepared to potentially invest more money.

Our Top Pick Gas BBQs Voted by Our Experts

Best Value for Money Gas BBQs 

If you're looking for a gas barbecue on a budget, we've put together our best entry-level options that offer some amazing value for money. We're not just selected these models on price, they all include some great features that will help you grill for your family and friends.

Sahara S350
Char-Broil Professional 2200 S Gas BBQ
£465.00 Was £519.99
Everdure by Heston Blumenthal, Force 2 Burner Gas Barbecue, Orange
£399.00 Was £595.00

Best Overall Quality Gas BBQs 

Picked by our team of experts who have vast experience when it comes to gas grills and gas barbecues. Here you have a selection of propane gas barbecues that tick all the boxes when it comes to build quality, warranty and design.

Napoleon Prestige P500 Gas BBQ, Stainless Steel
£2,175.49 Was £2,289.99
Campingaz Onyx S Gas BBQ, Black
£559.00 Was £799.99
Charbroil Professional 4400 S
£699.00 Was £819.99
Norfolk Grills Infinity 5 Burner Gas BBQ

Best Large Gas BBQs 

If you have a large garden and plan to cook regularly for groups of friends and family then a gas barbecue with a large number of powerful gas burners might be a good option. We've selected a range of gas grills that have at least 5 gas burners under their hoods.

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 Gas BBQ
£4,132.49 Was £4,349.99
Char-Broil Convective 640 B - XL Gas BBQ
£615.00 Was £679.99

Best Hybrid Gas BBQs 

Can’t decide between cooking with gas or charcoal? You don’t need to with one of our amazing hybrid barbecues. These models give you the best of both worlds and we’ve even picked the best ones on the market for you! 

Grillstream Island 6 Burner Hybrid BBQ
Char-Broil Gas2Coal 330 BBQ
£329.00 Was £529.99
Grillstream Classic 4 BBQ
£485.00 Was £699.00

Best Outdoor Gas BBQ Kitchen

If you want the impressive set-up in your garden with all the bells and whistles we’re suggesting you look at our outdoor kitchens. A built-in gas grill sits within the work surface and here you’ll find the most popular models that our customers love.

Norfolk Grills Absolute PRO 6 Outdoor Gas Kitchen
£3,995.00 Was £4,899.00
Char-Broil Ultimate Outdoor Corner Kitchen
£3,995.00 Was £4,149.00

As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s hard to top the convenience of a gas-fired grill, they’re simple to turn on and off and it is a doddle to maintain a specific temperature. On top of this did you know that gas grills are considered a more environment-friendly option?

If you choose to buy one of the gas BBQs we have suggested within this blog you're buying a quality product that represents outstanding value for money. All of these gas models boast impressive cooking performance, versatility and ease of use. Not only are these gas barbecues super easy to start they heat up incredibly quickly so if you are looking for a hassle-free way to cook outside, buying one of our top-rated gas BBQs is a great place to start.