The Benefits of a Portable BBQ 
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The Benefits of a Portable BBQ

If you're considering buying a portable BBQ and want some advice on where to start, you've come to the right place. In this article, we have put together some tips and recommendations to help you choose the ideal portable gas or charcoal barbecue. Whether you have a small or large garden or patio there are lots of benefits to buying a travel BBQ and we have some fantastic options that enable you to cook at home, on the beach or on a camping trip. 
A portable barbecue is also an ideal purchase for tenants in rented properties or flat-owners that have limited outdoor space. You can position lots of our small barbecues straight on top of your table or on other stable outdoor surfaces.

Best Overall Quality Portable Barbecues

Norfolk Grills Corus Charcoal Kettle BBQ
£189.00 Was £199.00
Traeger Ranger Grill
£435.00 Was £549.99
Cozze Plancha 600
£289.00 Was £359.00

Best Premium Portable Barbecues

Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 Portable Gas BBQ
£284.99 Was £299.99
Kamado Joe - Joe Jr. 13.5" Ceramic BBQ & Grill
£395.00 Was £499.00

Best Value for Money Portable Barbecues

BergHOFF Tabletop BBQ, White
£129.00 Was £159.00
Campingaz Kitchen 2 Gas Stove
£42.00 Was £69.99
Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV Camping Stove
£94.50 Was £130.00

Portable Barbecues - The Different Fuel Types

There is the age-old debate of which is better, a gas or charcoal barbecue. There are advantages to both fuel types but to keep things easy we've included recommendations for fuel types of both barbecues below. Our recommendations have really impressed our team who have had the chance to use them, they offer fantastic cooking results and are very simple to operate. If you’re looking for a compact barbecue that performs brilliantly and is easy to take with you then have a look at our best buys below. There are also portable wood-fired pellet grills like the Tragaer Ranger and compact electric grills such as the Cadac eBraai you might consider.

We also have a dedicated blog that explains the difference between gas and charcoal barbecues so if you're interested in knowing more about this topic click here.

Best Portable Gas Barbecues

CADAC Citi Chef 40, Black
£139.00 Was £200.00
Outdoor Chef Minichef 420G Portable Gas BBQ

Best Portable Charcoal Barbecues

Everdure Cube Orange
£135.00 Was £149.00
BergHOFF Tabletop BBQ, Black
£129.00 Was £159.00

Portable BBQs for Camping Trips

Camping BBQ's

What should you look for in a portable barbecue if you want to go camping? We would suggest that weight is the most obvious consideration when choosing a portable barbecue, anything too heavy would defeat the point. Features like a lid that locks in the heat and helps create better-tasting food can be high on

unstable surfaces or can do without. A lid helps, as it creates convection, the air swirling around the chamber, helping food cook better and taste smokier.

Due to their lightweight and convenience, portable BBQs are extremely popular with campers, motorhome owners and caravanning lovers. They are super easy to transport, and there are plenty of options available with an endless number of accessories and equipment to accommodate your needs.

How Many People Can a Portable BBQ Cook for?

Our lightweight and moveable barbecues have enough cooking surfaces to easily feed 2-4 people, you can batch-cook food if you're catering for more than four people too. If you are not the type of family that cooks outdoors very often then a portable BBQ is a great option as they are much cheaper to buy than larger barbecues and much more economical than buying a disposable barbecue. Not only do disposable BBQs have a negative effect on the environment they are said to be responsible for around 4% of serious fires which are started accidentally, according to the Home Office.

What are the Best Accessories to Buy

If you’re firing up your travel BBQ this summer then we’ve given you a round-up of essential accessories for any grill. You’ll obviously need to consider cooking utensils through to aprons, tools and gadgets that will help you get more from your BBQ.

We’ve listed below the top 5 accessories you’ll need to purchase with your travel BBQ.

  • Cooking utensils such as tongues, burger smasher etc…
  • A carry bag which is ideal for moving your BBQ from the car to the beach
  • An apron so your clothes avoid grease or food stains
  • Rain cover if you are storing your barbecue outside
  • Griddle pans or flat plates to make your cook easier

Whichever type of barbecue you’re searching for, we are here to help you find it. For more product suggestions, if you're not necessarily looking for something small in size, then our ultimate guide on the best BBQs might be worth a read.

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