The Valiant moisture meter allows you to enjoy a fire with less smoke, reduced chimney deposits and lower environmental pollution. This handy device lets you know if your firewood is fully seasoned and ready to go, or if the moisture content is too high for an efficient burn.

To burn effectively the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether it's being used in an open fire or a stove. Freshly felled timber can have a moisture content of between 30% and 60%, which when burnt can cause dangerous creosote build-up in chimneys.

The Valiant Moisture Meter can also be used in timber, floors and buildings in order to detect and measure moisture content.


  • Test your firewood is fully seasoned
  • Measure the moisture content of any wood
  • Burning fully seasoned wood generates more heat, and reduces both chimney deposits and environmental pollution

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Valiant Moisture Meter

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