5 Benefits of Owning a Pizza Oven
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5 Benefits of Owning a Pizza Oven

Love pizza? Then having your very own pizza oven is a must! Discover the top 5 benefits of having your own garden pizza oven and start enjoying delicious homemade pizza today.

Not only can you enjoy homemade pizza anytime you want, but there are also several other benefits to having your own pizza oven. From faster cooking times to the ability to customise your toppings, here are the top 5 benefits of owning a pizza oven.


5 Benefits of Owning a Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven Vs Regular Oven
Is an Outdoor Pizza Oven Worth Buying?
Which Pizza Oven Should I Buy?
Are Electric Pizza Ovens any Good?


  1. Faster cooking times - A fantastic benefit of owning a pizza oven is the fast cooking times and how efficiently they contain heat. A traditional oven can take up to 30 minutes to preheat and cook a pizza, whereas an outdoor pizza oven can cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds once the oven has reached the required temperature. This not only saves you time but also saves energy, as the oven shouldn’t need as much fuel. Plus, pizza ovens are designed to retain heat, they include a pizza stone and either a ceramic or carbon steel shell meaning they can cook multiple pizzas in a row without needing to be reheated.
  2. Perfect for entertaining - One of the top benefits of owning a pizza oven is that it's perfect for entertaining and social gatherings. Whether you're hosting a party or having a family dinner, a pizza oven can be a fun and interactive way to cook and enjoy delicious homemade pizza. Your guests can even customise their own pizzas with their favourite toppings, making it a fun and personalised experience for everyone. Plus, the fast cooking times mean that you can cook multiple pizzas quickly, ensuring that everyone is well-fed and happy.
  3. Make more than pizza - Another benefit of owning a pizza oven is that you have more control over the ingredients and you can create healthier pizza options or look to experiment with other tasty meals. You can use whole wheat or gluten-free crusts, load up on veggies for toppings and use low-fat cheese options. Even though it’s called an outdoor pizza oven, it is an oven that can cook almost anything. If you consider yourself a creative outdoor chef, then you’ll love the flexibility that an outdoor pizza oven provides. From meats to bread to desserts, you can truly get creative with your outdoor pizza oven.
  4. Easy to use - Outdoor pizza ovens are incredibly simple to light and cook on. You don’t need a Michelin Star or any specialist skills! Simply preheat the pizza oven, create your favourite pizza and then slide it into the pizza oven using a pizza paddle! An outdoor pizza oven works very similarly to other cooking appliances like a bbq or grill. Our garden pizza ovens offer sleek and straightforward designs so they are easy to use and you can begin cooking in no time at all.
  5. Space efficient - Lots of wood-fired, pellet & gas-powered pizza ovens are extremely space efficient and can be stored with ease. There are a number of great portable pizza ovens including Cozze, Ooni & Gozney that offer great value and won’t take up much room in your garden. Most portable pizza ovens measure just over 50cm in width and length so are a great solution if you’re short on space. If you don’t buy a pizza oven cover then it can even be stored in a kitchen, garage or shed.


Which Pizza Oven Bundle Should I Buy?

Here at StovesAreUs, we’ve been supplying pizza ovens for many years and have become an established retailer of some of the best pizza ovens on the market. We stock brands such as Ooni, Gozney, Cozze, Delivita & Alfresco Chef through experience these are the brands we’d recommend you take a look at if you’re in the market for buying an outdoor pizza oven.

To help you choose a quality pizza oven included some of our best outdoor ovens below that our customers love! There are plenty of other options to choose from but anyone one of the pizza oven bundles we’ve selected below would be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space.

Gozney Dome Pizza Oven Bundle
Ooni Karu 16 Ultimate Pizza Oven Bundle
£725.00 Was £825.00
Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven Bundle
£519.00 Was £539.00

Pizza Oven Vs Regular Oven

Understanding the differences between a regular indoor oven and an outdoor pizza oven is key to making great pizza. There are lots of different fuel types of pizza ovens that include wood-fired, gas, pellet and more recently electric. One of the key differences in the fuel types is the maximum temperature reached by these different ovens.

  • Pizza ovens reach much higher temperatures than indoor ovens, wood-fired ovens in particular! You can expect temperatures of 500C with a wood-fired pizza oven whereas your indoor cooker will usually have a max temperature of 220C.
  • Because the temperature within an outdoor oven is much higher, you’ll find the texture and base of your pizza to be far better! Indoor ovens can dry out the dough from longer exposure to heat.
  • When eating pizza made in your outdoor oven you can tell the difference and its restaurant quality! The flavour is much improved due to the caramelisation of the cheese and the wood smoke.
  • Hotter temperatures give a faster rise of your dough which can lead to larger crusts (depending on how you shape your dough).


Is an Outdoor Oven Worth Buying?  

100% yes! You can invite friends and family to your home and get them involved in the pizza making so you’re not doing all the work yourself (just remember that the dough will take a while to prove so we recommend making this in advance). A pizza oven can be something for your family to enjoy and not just in summer! We’re often asked if a pizza oven can be used all year round… We encourage all our customers to use their pizza ovens whatever the weather you don’t need to limit your enjoyment to the summer months!

You will need some pizza-making equipment and cooking accessories to get your pizza oven going. So here at StovesAreUs, we supply full packages of everything you’ll need to get you started! From pizza peels to dough scrapers and pizza rockers we’ve all the tools you’ll require including sustainably sourced British wood to fuel your oven.

Once you’ve attached the flue and followed the basic steps to set up your oven you’ll be ready to cook! When you’ve finished using your oven there is no need for long clean-ups either, simply sweep out the ash if it’s built up and use warm soapy water on the front panel if required. You don’t need to extinguish the fire, as we mentioned earlier pizza ovens are similar to barbecues so you can simply the fire go out in its own time.


Are Electric Pizza Ovens any Good?

Lots of appliances seem to be electric-powered these days and pizza ovens are no different. You'll find electric pizza ovens are becoming more available and are a great option for UK homes. There are lots of reasons to buy an electric pizza oven but here are the main reasons we think you should consider buying one.

  1. Convenience: Electric pizza ovens are super easy to use and require less maintenance compared to traditional wood-fired or gas-powered ovens. They can quickly preheat the pizza stone and offer consistent temperature control, making them extremely user-friendly. 
  2. Versatility: Electric pizza ovens come in various sizes but most are countertop models. The versatility of a fairly compact oven allows you to locate it in an area that best suits your available space and cooking requirements. 
  3. Energy Efficiency: Electric ovens offer fantastic energy efficiency. They heat up just as quickly as their gas-fired and wood-burning counterparts and distribute heat very evenly within the oven. You might find that reduced energy consumption will potentially lower the operating costs. 
  4. Indoor Use: Unlike wood-fired ovens, lots of electric pizza ovens can be safely used indoors without ventilation concerns. This makes them suitable for home kitchens or other indoor environments.
  5. Taste and Texture: While electric pizza ovens can produce delicious pizzas, some pizza enthusiasts argue that wood-fired or gas ovens provide a unique flavour and texture that is difficult to replicate with electric ovens. The high temperatures and smoky flavours of traditional ovens contribute to a distinctive taste profile. 

Ultimately, the choice between an electric pizza oven and other types of outdoor ovens depends on your preferences for fuel and cooking style. Electric pizza ovens offer convenience, consistency and versatility, making them a popular choice for many home cooks but if you want the taste and texture of a wood-fired pizza then you may need to think long and hard about which pizza oven is right for you.

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