Why Should I Buy a Built-In BBQ Grill
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Why Should I Buy a Built-In BBQ Grill

If you’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen, a built-in grill is a natural choice when selecting a barbecue. In this article, we’ll provide you with a range of tips and recommendations when it comes to choosing a built-in barbecue or kamado for your outside kitchen space.

Lots of our customers struggle to decide which built-in grill to choose so we’ve put together this guide to help you along your journey. There are lots of options, brands and considerations involved in selecting which grill is suited for you. We’ve helped many people in the same situation as you find the grill and accessories that suit you best. 

Here’s what you need to think about when planning your outdoor kitchen space.

1. The amount of space you have available, how large your island or peninsula will be
2. How much cooking surface area will you require
3. Do you have any future plans for expanding your outdoor area
4. Which fuel type do you prefer to cook with; Gas or Charcoal? 
5. What is your budget? We’ve put together some recommendations below that cover lots of scopes.

Built in BBQ

Which are the Best Built-in BBQs?

We’ve asked our experts this question and they’ve put together a list of products we’d recommend you take into consideration if you’re in the market for a built-in barbecue. We’ve included gas & charcoal fuel types and built-in grills you’ll love no matter your budget.

CADAC Meridian 3 Burner Built-In Gas BBQ
£499.00 Was £550.00
Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Gas BBQ
£1,804.99 Was £1,899.00
Crossray 4 Burner Built Gas BBQ
£1,169.00 Was £1,299.00
Grandhall Maxim G5 Built In Gas BBQ
Kamado Joe - Classic III 18" Stand Alone Ceramic BBQ & Grill
£1,709.00 Was £1,899.00

Why are Built-In Barbecues Popular?

Setting up an outdoor kitchen with a built-in bbq has never been more on-trend. The barbecue serves as a natural focal point for people to come together and eat. Outdoor grilling adds a touch of class, especially when hosting and entertaining friends and family. Built-in burner gas barbecue grills are exactly what they sound like. They are grills that are built into a worktop or cooking surface. In most cases, they have an outdoor kitchen (barbecue setup) around them and it gives you the perfect platform to cook a great outdoor meal. In short, a built-in grill enables you to create your dream outdoor kitchen.

Adding a built-in model BBQ grill can add functionality to your outdoor space, the beauty of built-in is that they can be customised for maximum benefits. You can add an array of premium features and awesome cooking features, including rotisseries, side burners and cabinets that sit beneath them.

Built-in gas grills may cost more than a freestanding counterpart, they are semi-permanent fixtures so you need to be sure you’re buying the right one.  At the same time, it might even increase your property’s appeal if you ever come to selling and we’ll go into some more detail below.

Built in BBQ

Does Built-in BBQ Add Value to a Property? 

The good news for homeowners considering buying a built-in bbq and outdoor kitchen is that they can offer a fantastic return on investment. There are estimates that home improvement projects looking to install an outdoor kitchen can return somewhere between 100% and 200% on the purchase price.

Regardless of how much you spend on your outdoor cooking space, it feels luxurious and will become a special place for your family to enjoy the British summer.

Freestanding Barbecue or Built-In Grills? 

This is an age-old question we are often asked! Which is the better BBQ; freestanding or built-in?

There are benefits to both freestanding and built-in barbecues but it depends mainly on what you are needing from your BBQ as to which will be better for you. If you can fit one into your outside space then a built-in grill or charcoal kamado can be a fantastic addition to your garden. If you’re leaning towards investing in a built-in BBQ then these reasons may help you to make your final decision.

  • Built-in BBQs are often more efficient than freestanding BBQs
  • You can easily fit a built-in barbecue into a customised space and worktops
  • Generally, built-in grills are made from more robust or higher-grade materials meaning they will last longer and are able to survive harsh weather conditions.
  • A built-in gas BBQ could save you money over the long term as they often require less maintenance and do not need to be replaced as often as a freestanding BBQ.
  • The value of your home could increase if you decide to add an outdoor kitchen with a built-in BBQ

Freestanding grills are typically less expensive than most built-in barbecues, depending on which brand you opt for. The benefit of choosing a freestanding grill is they often feature a side burner on one of the shelves that will broaden your cooking space by allowing you to cook your main food on the main grill and then extras such as vegetables and sides on the side burner. A freestanding BBQ also allows you to move your grill in and out of storage very easily with the wheels connected to the base.

Key takeaways:  

  • Built-in gas barbecues may cost more and are semi-permanent fixtures in your outdoor kitchen.
  • When designing outdoor kitchens, functional fixtures such as rotisseries and side burners are key to improving usability. 
  • The beauty of a built-in gas grill is that you can customise the space they sit in for maximum benefits. 
  • With a built-in gas barbecue, you’ll love your outdoor cooking area but it might also increase your property’s value and overall appeal.
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