Alternatives to Wood Burning Stoves
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Alternatives to Wood Burning Stoves

Electric Fires & Stoves

As with most things changing to renewable energy in the UK, an electric fire is a great alternative to a wood burner. An electric stove provides a similar aesthetics as a log burner, often using the same steel and cast iron body while being fitted with an eco-friendly and efficient electric burner unit. Unlike a wood-burning stove where some of the heat is lost up the chimney, an electric stove or fire does not require a chimney or flue, which means 100% of the heat is transferred to the room. The flame pattern mimics the flickering effect of a real fire combined with a glowing ember fuel bed that illuminates a high-definition log or coal bed for a realistic display. An electric heater will provide up to 2kW of heat which is enough to instantly take the chill out of the room, they are also equipped with a light-only setting to allow you to enjoy the stunning flame effect without the heat — perfect for those warmer evenings.

If you are looking for something more modern and contemporary for your living room, an electric fire media wall is the ideal choice. A media wall includes a landscape electric fire with a TV mounted above. For more information on how to create a media wall, read our other blog here. An electric fireplace suite is also a great choice if you decide against having a log burner. Electric fireplaces are often delivered already assembled and require next to no installation. Simply fix the fireplace against a flat wall, plug in the electric fire then sit back and enjoy your stunning fireplace. These fireplace suites are available in a variety of sizes and colours to complement any style of interior with some being low enough for you to mount a TV above just like a media wall.
An electric stove or fire is an eco-friendly alternative to a wood-burning stove. They require less maintenance, are very easy to install and can be fitted to a standard 3-pin plug.


Electric fires and Stoves from StovesAreUsElectric fires and Stoves from StovesAreUs
Inset Electric StovesInset Electric Stoves
Inset Electric Stoves
Media Wall Electric FiresMedia Wall Electric Fires
Media Wall Electric Fires
Freestanding Electric StovesFreestanding Electric Stoves
Freestanding Electric Stoves
Contemporary Electric StovesContemporary Electric Stoves
Contemporary Electric Stoves
Smoke Effect Electric StovesSmoke Effect Electric Stoves
Smoke Effect Electric Stoves

Gas Fires

A gas fire or gas stove is the closest you’ll get to a log burner, providing a high heat output to warm your home with a living flame. Just like a wood-burning stove, a gas stove can sit proudly within a fireplace using an existing chimney breast to flue out the waste gases. If you do not have a working chimney, you can install a balanced flue gas stove that includes a double-skinned flue kit designed to exit through an external wall and terminate on the outside of the property. Although they are not the most climate-friendly option, as they use fossil fuels, a gas fire has been a popular choice to heat homes for many years.
A freestanding gas stove requires an air gap around it for clearance of combustible and non-combustible materials. If you do not have the space required, an inset gas fire is a perfect choice that will fit into a standard British chimney opening of 16” wide by 22” high. A gas fire works well when paired with a fireplace surround, a back panel and a hearth. Many different types of fireplace materials are available, including limestone, marble and wood. Read our blog here for everything you need to know about fireplace surrounds.

Gas fires and Stoves from StovesAreUsGas fires and Stoves from StovesAreUs
Built-In Gas FiresBuilt-In Gas Fires
Built-In Gas Fires
Outset Gas FiresOutset Gas Fires
Outset Gas Fires
High Efficiency Gas FiresHigh Efficiency Gas Fires
High Efficiency Gas Fires
Conventional Flue Gas StovesConventional Flue Gas Stoves
Conventional Flue Gas Stoves
Gas Fireplace SuitesGas Fireplace Suites
Gas Fireplace Suites

Bioethanol Fires

Becoming increasingly popular in the UK over the last couple of years, bioethanol fires are contemporary and on-trend. Bioethanol is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products to create a colourless liquid that can be safely burned to create heat. Once lit, bioethanol stoves do not produce carbon monoxide, instead they create water vapour and carbon dioxide which is safe and more eco-friendly than a wood burning or gas fire. A bioethanol burner is essentially a tray with a fuel tank to hold the liquid and safely burn it. Because of this easy installation/set-up, they have been added to wood-burning-style stoves, as well as wall-mounted fires and built-in units making them one of the most versatile ways to heat your home. Often mistaken for a gas fire, they provide a living flame that is great to look at with a similar heat output to an electric fire if not slightly higher. For more information on bioethanol fuel and fires, we have a blog with some helpful FAQs here.

Bio ethanol fires and Stoves from StovesAreUsBio ethanol fires and Stoves from StovesAreUs
Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol FiresWall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fires
Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fires
Bio Ethanol FireplacesBio Ethanol Fireplaces
Bio Ethanol Fireplaces
Wood Burner Style Bio Ethanol FiresWood Burner Style Bio Ethanol Fires
Wood Burner Style Bio Ethanol Fires
Built-In Bio Ethanol FiresBuilt-In Bio Ethanol Fires
Built-In Bio Ethanol Fires
Bio Ethanol Fire BasketsBio Ethanol Fire Baskets
Bio Ethanol Fire Baskets

Urban-Approved Log Burners

If you have your heart set on a wood burner then choosing a clean and efficient one might be your main priority. Ecodesign and DEFRA-compliant wood-burning stoves provide you with the answer. 

Air supply within the wood burner's advanced burning chamber channels air to key areas of the fire, which helps to produce high-efficiency heating with minimal emissions. 

These types of log burners meet DEFRA Smoke Control Zone exemption and Ecodesign air quality requirements meaning you can install it whether you live in an urban area or the countryside.

We believe that Ecodesign stoves represent the future of wood-burning within the UK, they achieve efficiencies of over 75% and they reach high heat levels which reduce the amount of smoke that is produced. With its efficient combustion system, an Ecodesign stove is approximately 3 times more efficient than an open fire which means it costs much less to run.

In conclusion, there are many options available to heat your home taking into account efficiencies, environmental impact, sustainability and cost.

ClearSkies Approved StovesClearSkies Approved Stoves
ClearSkies Approved Stoves
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Cast Iron Stoves
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Eco Design Stoves
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Budget Stoves
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