Brand Spotlight On ESSE Stoves
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Brand Spotlight On ESSE Stoves

If you’re in the market for a new wood-burning stove then a British made ESSE might be a great option.

ESSE log burners & wood-fired cookers are considered to be some of the most high-quality and well-regarded heating products in the industry. ESSE has been a master stove maker since 1854 so for over 160 years they have built a reputation for manufacturing well-crafted, durable, and efficient stoves that are designed to last. 

All ESSE stoves are produced in Barnoldswick in Lancashire, they support British industry by only using UK made steel and cast iron. Improvement in design and efficiency is continually improved upon and the range includes wood-burning & multi-fuel stoves as well as wood burning cook stoves. There is a variety of sizes, heat outputs and something for every budget with the ESSE 1 being their entry level stove.

ESSE 1 Eco Stove
£499.00 Was £599.00

Here is a quick snapshot of which ESSE stoves can burn approved mineral fuels, each ESSE stove listed below is able to cleanly burn wood and/or wood briquettes but it's often really useful for UK consumers to have the option to burn a smokeless fuel too.

Esse Table


Which ESSE Wood Burning Cookers Can I Buy?

ESSE Range Cookers

ESSE are well known for producing quality wood-burning range cookers with the ESSE Ironheart being their flagship model. The Ironheart has been designed to provide warmth and cooking capabilities, it's a cast iron cooker for those who are looking for a reliable and efficient cooker & heater with a classic design. More recently ESSE introduced the ESSE 1000W which like the Ironheart features a large cast iron hotplate and has different temperature zones for boiling, simmering and frying and spacious oven cavities that can be used for baking, roasting and slow cooking.  

One of the main selling points of the Ironheart & 1000 W is the outstanding efficiency; they are designed to burn wood cleanly with an air wash system that keeps the glass clean and clear, so you can enjoy the flames as you cook and heat your home. A large firebox means you can burn logs up to 50cm in length which reduces the need to refuel the cooker frequently. 

The Ironheart is also the preferred choice of head chef Gill Meller at River Cottage HQ in Devon. The cooker was installed as the sole source of heat whilst the farmhouse was under construction, you’ll often see the Ironheart in prime position on the Channel Four programme with presenter and Chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall


ESSE Ironheart Cook Stove
£5,199.00 Was £5,715.00
Esse 1000 W Wood Burning Range Cooker
Esse 1000 W Wood Burning Boiler Range Cooker

ESSE Bakeheart Cook Stove

The ESSE Bakeheart is a popular cook stove made by ESSE that comes with an oven and hot plate like the Ironheart but is better suited to smaller spaces. It is designed to be both a reliable source of heat and a versatile cooking appliance. The hotplate is designed to be easy to use, with different temperature zones for boiling, simmering, and frying. There is also an oven with a generous capacity that can be used for baking, roasting, and slow cooking. The Bakeheart is made from high-quality materials and is built to last, with a robust cast iron construction and a durable vitreous enamel finish. Overall, the ESSE Bakeheart is a great choice and is suitable for small kitchens, log cabins, garden rooms and more.

ESSE Bakeheart Cook Stove
£2,999.00 Was £3,465.00

ESSE Warmheart Cook Stove

There are two different models of the ESSE Warmheart cook stove, both come with a cast iron hotplate but the Warmheart ’S’ does not include the 416mm cast iron insulated bolster lid.

Like the Ironheart, the ESSE Warmheart cook stoves offer much more than a standard log burner. These practical and versatile cook stoves provide a reliable source of heat, sustenance and comfort wherever it’s required. Both Warmheart models accommodate logs up to 400mm in length and optimise fuel efficiency whether cooking, dining or entertaining. Like all ESSE stoves and cookers, they surpass the 2022 Ecodesign requirements with superb energy efficiency and clean burning credentials.

ESSE Warmheart Stove with Hob
£1,699.00 Was £2,269.00
ESSE Warmheart Wood Burning Cook Stove
£1,499.00 Was £1,999.00

Which ESSE Stoves are the Most Efficient?

The four most efficient ESSE log burners are some of the most clean-burning and energy considerate wood burners on the market. If buying an efficient and British-made stove is a big part of your decision making then consider one of the models here. Each of these ESSE log burners meets the criteria for both ecodesign and DEFRA so you can install them anywhere in the UK, even if you live in an urban smoke-controlled zone. These clean burning wood burners and built from a combination of high-quality cast iron and steel and have efficiency ratings in the region of 80%.

ESSE 105 Log Burner
£1,399.00 Was £1,765.00
ESSE 155 Wood Burning Stove
£1,399.00 Was £1,655.00
Esse 175B Wood Burning Stove
£1,669.00 Was £1,965.00
Esse 175F log burner
£1,665.00 Was £1,960.00

You can see a breakdown of all the emission data of the full range of ESSE stoves in the chart below.

Esse Stoves Comparisons

Are ESSE Stoves Worth the Money?

We have worked with the ESSE brand for over 20 years so can confidently say they are a fantastic product and won’t disappoint. It's always a good idea to do your research and read reviews from other customers before making a purchase to ensure that the stove or cooker you are considering meets your needs and expectations.