Le Feu Bio Fireplaces

BrandedLe-Feu as the greenest fireplaces on the market, the Le Feu bio fires use bioethanol fuel which is good for the environment and better for your home and your health compared to a normal gas fire. Stoves Are Us are proud to bring you the exclusive collection of Le Feu fireplaces with free and fast delivery across the UK.

Earning their name in Scandinavia, Le Feu bio fires are the best-selling brand designed to the highest quality possible and conform to EN 16647 standards. Bioethanol is made from plant parts, sugar, corn or soybeans and is the most environmentally friendly way of producing heat. Not only is it the cleanest source of fuel, but it also does not produce smoke or any smell and is an ideal choice for a clean, green energy household.

With a host of different designs and colours to choose from, ranging from wall-mounted fires to freestanding, there is sure to be a Le Feu perfect for your home.

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