Best Double Door Stoves to Heat Your Home
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Best Double Door Stoves to Heat Your Home

Double-door log burners have been around for a long time, their traditional appeal has not been diminished and in this article we’ll explain why they are becoming increasingly popular.


What is a Double Door Stove?
Why are Double Door Stoves Popular? 
Which are the Best Double Door Wood Burners?
Benefits of a Double Door Log Burner


What is a Double Door Stove?

As the name suggests, a double door log burner has two opening doors and if you're looking for a stove to make a real impact in your room then a double-door stove is the perfect choice. This style offers an extra-large viewing window that provides you with an impressive view of the flames and the landscape profile allows for relatively large logs to be loaded into the firebox. Single door wood burning stoves work in the same way that twin door models would, the latter provides a more classic aesthetic for that traditional feel in your home.

Double Door Wood Burner

Two door stoves are not only about style, lots of models offer additional functionality like side loading doors and clean burning credentials that can improve your home's EPC rating. Whether you choose a two door wood burning stove or a multi-fuel option, they are clean burning, and incredibly efficient and you’ll find sizes and designs to suit lots of different interior styles.

There are also double-sided wood burning stoves that can heat two rooms that are adjacent to each other, for more information on this topic you can visit our dedicated article below.

Why are Double Door Stoves Popular? 

Double door wood burners have had a bit of a resurgence in the marketplace, they are traditional in design and this style is making a comeback! There is nothing quite like the cosy ambience of a real wood or multi-fuel log burner and a two-door log burner offers an appealing style that has been around for decades. 

We have a stunning selection of traditional and classic double door stoves that will become the heart of your home. With their clean burning credentials, classic styling and carbon neutral heating systems it makes them the ideal heating solution for lots of families here in the UK.


Which are the Best Double Door Wood Burners?

We have some fantastic stoves for you to choose from when it comes to double-door wood burners. You’ll find some of the best traditional style log burners below with heat outputs suitable for small rooms and other models for larger open plan living spaces.

Stovax Stockton 8 log burner
£1,249.00 Was £1,825.00
Stovax Stockton 11 Double Door
£1,669.00 Was £2,145.00
Stovax Stockton 5W Double Door
£1,359.00 Was £1,825.00
Hunter Herald 5 two door stove
£1,199.00 Was £1,429.00
Hunter Herald 8 Wood Burning Eco Stove
£1,449.00 Was £1,749.00
Vermont Castings Encore Two-in-One Wood Burning Stove

If you’re looking for a gas stove alternative there are fewer options but a popular model is the Parkray Consort 7 gas stove.


Benefits of a Double Door Log Burner

There are endless reasons why you should consider buying a stove with two doors for your home. We’ve listed below some of the main benefits of installing one in your home and why a double door log burner can be an excellent and cost-efficient heating solution.

Double Door Stove

High efficiency rate - Log burners with double doors are not only becoming more eco-friendly but they are improving in efficiency too. Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are now hitting efficiency ratings over 80%, which means that you’re not losing much heat up your chimney. High quality castings such as cast iron for the stove body allows heat to gently and evenly flow into your room for a cosy, ambient temperature.

Traditional design - Traditional wood burning stoves are timeless, they have been in the marketplace for decades and are still a popular choice in many homes today. For most double door stoves fit the profile of a traditional stove because they are classic in design and suited to Victorian-style homes and townhouses alike. Choose a vintage double door stove that will become the heart of your home. 

Renewable heating solution - Wood logs are a renewable source of fuel provided that you buy from a reputable supplier who sources logs from well-managed woodland. Burning wood in a log burner is also carbon neutral as any carbon dioxide that is produced during combustion is close to that absorbed by the tree during its growth. Wood will also give off carbon dioxide when left to rot so it’s worth utilising logs to generate useful heat for your home.

Smoke control approved - Our double door wood burning stoves are suitable for installation within towns & cities across the UK. Thanks to their DEFRA exemption they are all eligible to burn wood in designated Smoke Control Areas. This ensures that the stove is sufficiently clean burning to maintain the requirements of the Clean Air Act 1993. Now homes in cities and towns as well as rural areas may enjoy the many benefits of a double door wood burner. 

Overall a double door wood burning stove or gas stove for that matter can be a fantastically charming addition to your home. They offer super charged traditional style with all the clean burning and high-efficiency ratings of eco wood burners.


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