The Ultimate Guide to Gallery Stoves: Everything You Need to Know
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The Ultimate Guide to Gallery Stoves: Everything You Need to Know

If you're in the market for an efficient heating solution, look no further than a Gallery stove. These innovative stoves offer a range of benefits, from eco-friendly functionality to their impressive heat output. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about Firefox, Tiger & Classic stoves, including their features, installation and maintenance tips. Whether you're a homeowner or a heating professional, this guide will help understand just why these efficient heaters are so popular. 


Introducing Gallery Stoves
What are the Different Gallery Stoves?
Tips for Choosing a Gallery Stove
Maintaining a Gallery Stove
Benefits of Buying a Gallery Wood Burner


Introducing Gallery Stoves

Gallery Fireplaces is an industry-leading brand that produces innovative heating solutions for the home that include wood burning, electric & gas stoves as well as fireplaces. They are well known for producing efficient and eco-friendly room heaters that are made from high-quality cast iron and steel materials and are built to last.

For many years Tiger, Firefox, Classic & Helios have been the go-to models for consumers looking for a classic-style stove at an affordable price. Gallery log-burning stoves have become an even more popular choice for homeowners who are looking for cost-saving ways to heat their homes. The older generation range of iconic log burners has been replaced by a new wave of eco-friendly upgrades that all meet the strict criteria of both Ecodesign & DEFRA.


What are the Different Gallery Stoves?

There are several different types of Gallery stoves available, each has been produced with its own unique design feature, heat output and efficiency benefits. One popular option is the freestanding Firefox stove, which is available as a wood burner or gas stove with heat outputs starting at 4kW they are ideal for lots of UK homes. These stoves epitomise traditional design and their cast iron casing means they are sure to last a long time.

Firefox 5 Eco Multi-Fuel Stove
Firefox 8 Eco Multifuel / Woodburning Stove Closeup
Firefox 8 Eco Gas Stove
£899.00 Was £1,069.00
Firefox 5 Eco Gas Stove
£799.00 Was £1,029.00

Another popular range of Gallery stoves is the Tiger collection, we’ve been supplying this line of products for decades and they are designed to fit within an existing fireplace or chimney breast. Tiger stoves are a great option for those who want to retain the traditional look of a fireplace while enjoying the efficiency and convenience of a modern stove. These stoves are a great choice for those who want a stove with rustic looks and the latest clean-burning tech.

Tiger Eco Stove
Tiger Eco Gas Stove
£949.00 Was £1,069.00
Tiger Cub Eco Multi-fuel Stove

The Classic collection of Gallery stoves is certainly one you’ll want to consider. Despite the homespun styling, these log burners and gas stoves boast modern sophistication, offering a range of contemporary features that will captivate your senses.

Classic 5 Eco Multi-Fuel Stove
Classic 8 Eco Design Ready Multi Fuel Stove
Classic 8 Ecodesign wood stove, warm white enamel
Gallery Classic Eco Conventional Gas Stove
£899.00 Was £949.00
Gallery Classic Conventional Gas Stove, Warm White Enamel

Overall, no matter what type of Gallery stove you choose, you can be confident that you are investing in a high-quality and efficient heating solution for your home.


Tips for Choosing a Gallery Stove

When choosing a Firefox stove, it's important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Think about the size of the space you want to heat, as well as the style and design that will best complement your home. Additionally, consider what type of heater you need in terms of fuel, Gallery stoves offer a collection of stoves designed to burn wood, but some models can also burn smokeless fuels. Consider the availability and cost of fuel in your area when making your decision. 


  1. How much space do you want to heat - Stoves are generally used to heat one room, so it is important you calculate the heating requirements before you buy. You can get a rough idea of your heat output needs by using our KiloWatt heat output calculator which is available on every heating product.
  2. Which fuel type is best for your home - Gallery offers a range of wood-burning, multi-fuel & gas stoves. Wood burners exclusively burn firewood so if you plan to burn logs, you will need to buy seasoned logs from a reputable firewood supplier. If you opt for gas this usually comes from your mains supply so you don’t need to worry about storing fuel.
  3. What style do you want - Are you looking for a traditional or contemporary style? Most Gallery stoves are classically styled so will suit lots of different types of decor. If you looking for something ultra-contemporary then check out our contemporary stoves which might be a more suitable option.
  4. Does your home have a chimney - A chimney is important if you wish to install a wood-burning or gas stove. This is because the fire’s smoke or fumes from combustion need somewhere to safely escape your home. There are options to buy a rigid flue system for both types of appliance but before buying a stove, it’s essential to check the suitability with a competent person.


Maintaining a Gallery Stove

Once you have chosen your Firefox, Tiger or Classic stove, proper maintenance is key to ensuring its longevity and efficiency. Regularly clean the stove, remove any ash or debris, and check for any signs of wear or damage. It's also important to have your stove and chimney serviced annually by a professional to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently.

By following these tips for maintaining your Gallery stove, you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient heating solution for years to come. As a reputable Gallery stove dealer we stock all the spare parts you’ll need to keep your stove working in tip-top condition, you can click on the products below to order any replacement parts you might need.

Spare Parts - Classic 8
Spare Parts - Classic 5
Spare Parts - Firefox 12
Spare Parts - Firefox 8
Spare Parts - Firefox 8 Twin Door

Benefits of Buying a Gallery Wood Burner 

There are several benefits to buying a Gallery log burner as a heating solution for your home. They are highly efficient and can provide significant amounts of heat output compared to other heating options. This means you can effectively heat your home whilst using less fuel, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, Firefox stoves are environmentally friendly as they burn wood, which is a renewable and carbon-neutral fuel source. They also produce minimal smoke and emissions, making them a cleaner option for heating. This is backed by the stamps they have received which include Ecodesign compliance and DEFRA approval which makes each model in the collection suitable for smoke-controlled areas.

Another great benefit of a Gallery stove is its versatility & controllability each log burner is fitted with an unrivalled air control system that can limit or increase the amount of air that enters the combustion chamber of the stove. These simple-to-use controls allow you to regulate the heat output of the log burner to the requirements of your room.

Gallery Helios

Gallery stoves are produced to the highest of standards, it is a brand that has been around for a very long time and has become a household name in the heating industry. The casing is produced from high-grade cast iron which helps to retain the heat from the flames long after the fire has gone out.

Overall, there are many benefits to Gallery stoves, they are a reliable and effective heating solution for any home so why put off buying one? You can order your Gallery log burner or gas stove today and take advantage of our free and fast delivery times this winter. Did you know that Gallery also supply a vast range of fireplaces, heat-resistant beams, fireplace hearths and more, you can view the full Gallery collection.

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