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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

Installing a Log Burner

There are many benefits to installing a multi-fuel or wood-burning stove but it is important to select the right one for your home and have it installed correctly and safely.

The total cost of installing a log burner involves more than just the fitting fees, you'll need to ensure you have factored in the cost of the stove you choose, the flue liner or chimney system and topping up your fuel supply from time to time.

If you visit one of our showrooms we can supply you with details of local installers, another really useful place to source a competent & qualified installer is HETAS where you can find qualified installers in your area.


Quick Costs (estimated prices)

The average cost to install a log burner, flue liner and register plate in an existing opening is approximately £700*

A 5kW log burner on average may cost something in the region of £800*

The cost of a flue liner and associated parts including a hearth could be approximately £500*

* Please note that the prices detailed above are approximate and are only a rough guide, each installation is unique and could have varying levels of sway on the prices listed above. (Approximate prices as of October 2022)


The overall cost of installing a wood burner will depend on a variety of factors such as whether you have an existing fireplace opening prepared to install the stove and whether you need a flue liner for your chimney or a twin wall flue system if you do not have a brick chimney (Class 1 flue).

A wood-burning stove can cost anything between £600 and £4000 or more! The most expensive stoves often feature designer characteristics, higher efficiencies, lower emissions or may have a catalytic burner since catalytic stoves use a more technical approach to achieving a more efficient second burn.

If the installation you require involves 'knocking out' your fireplace opening and installing a hearth you'll need to ensure the opening size caters for 150mm on either side of the stove you choose, 50mm behind and 300mm in front. The cost for this work can often sit between £500-£700 depending on the scale and complexity of the work involved.

If you do not have a chimney and need to fit an internal or external twin-wall flue system you will need to factor in these costs. An average flue system for a two-storey building can cost around £1200 in materials. Our Hetas-trained staff are able to quote you for the necessary parts you'll require if you are able to fill out one of our free flue design forms.

To summarise, fitting a log burner can be relatively straightforward if carried out by a competent tradesperson; don’t be put off by the different flue & associated stove parts you may need. Once your stove is up and running and you can enjoy the cosy flames come winter it will all be worthwhile. You're even likely to spend more time staring at the flames in your stove than what's on the TV.


Fuel for your Wood Burner

To keep your stove running perfectly it is important you burn the right fuel and maintain a healthy supply of seasoned logs, kindling and firelighters. You can shop all the Woodsure-approved logs we have for sale here.

Generally speaking, a builders bag or 1m3 bag of seasoned logs will cost between £80-120 or £120 for kiln-dried logs. When running a 5kW stove through weekdays and weekends most households may use up to 4m3 per year. 


Maintenance & Chimney Sweeping 

To ensure your wood-burning stove continues operating at its optimum level, it is best practice to have regular service and maintenance carried out by an approved chimney sweep.

Annual chimney sweeping will cost about £80. Over time without maintenance flue liners can corrode and chimneys can accumulate creosote and other products of combustion. If left unchecked then you run the risk of a chimney fire. 

Over time parts of your stove like the fire bricks & the grate may begin to wear and need replacing too, this is just something to keep an eye on and contact us when you notice deterioration.

Please note that any prices noted in this article are examples and should be used as a guide, you should always seek professional advice. The prices stated were based at the time of writing this article: October 27th 2022

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