Is it Worth Buying a Contemporary Log Burner?
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Is it Worth Buying a Contemporary Log Burner?

If you’re in the market for a quality contemporary log burner you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you can discover why a modern wood-burning stove is an excellent choice of room heater for your home! We’ll cover the different types you can buy and why they are worth it, we’ll cover cylindrical stoves, tall log store stoves and even ceiling-mounted and pedestal log fires.


What are the Different Types of Contemporary Stoves?
Which are the Most Reliable Brands?
5 Reasons to Buy a Contemporary Log Burner?
What Fuel Can I Burn on a Contemporary Log Burner?


What are the Different Types of Contemporary Stoves? 

There are plenty of options when it comes to stylish modern wood-burning stoves and their sleek, clean lines can make a striking addition to any home.  When it comes to popularity we’ve found that consumers are flocking towards more modern-looking log burners especially when they are being fitted into newly built homes.

Here are the 5 most popular styles of contemporary stoves, we’ve given recommendations for each type to make your job choosing a contemporary stove easy.

Cylindrical log burners - These round and often tall wood burners feature a cylinder-shaped body often with a curved glass panel and some fires offer a three-sided view of the flames for consumers looking for an eye-catching look. Cylindrical stoves offer the perfect centrepiece for open & modern living rooms and are often installed with a twin wall flue system.

Henley Elipse G5 Eco Wood Burning Stove
£2,799.00 Was £3,229.00
ACR Neo 3C Wood Burning Stove
£2,199.00 Was £2,995.00
Westfire Uniq 37 SE Wood Burning Stove
£1,829.00 Was £2,389.00
Arada Hoxton 7 Logstore Eco Wood Burning Stove
£2,929.00 Was £3,260.00

Wide glass stoves - Soaring in popularity, wood burners with extra-wide viewing windows have become a consumer favourite in the UK. These log burners with wide viewing windows will suit traditional & contemporary interiors alike offering the perfect blend of clean-burning tech with sleek lines.

Stovax Futura 5
Arada M Series Cast Door on Legs
£1,119.00 Was £1,245.00
Stovax Riva Studio 2 Freestanding Stove
£2,829.00 Was £3,869.00
Go Eco Wide Wood Burning Stove
£659.00 Was £789.00

Pedestal stoves - Modernistic log burners that sit on a pedestal can be an eye-catching focal point in open-plan spaces. They’re not all about stylish looks, their tall firebox chambers mean that they are ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly too.

Henley Geneva Pedestal Eco Wood Burning Stove
£1,699.00 Was £1,845.00
Westfire Uniq 37 Pedestal Wood Burning Stove
£1,929.00 Was £2,519.00
Varde Ovne Aura 11 Pedestal Wood Burning Stove
£1,929.00 Was £2,429.00
ACR Neo 1P Eco Wood Burning Pedestal Stove
£2,099.00 Was £2,779.00
Henley Elite G4 Pedestal Eco Wood Burning Stove
£2,699.00 Was £3,139.00

Ceiling-hung wood burners - Giving the impression of a floating fireplace, these incredibly stylish wood-burning stoves are well suited to Grand Design style homes. They offer a view of the flames from almost anywhere in the room and are a must-have for those looking for a contemporary vibe.

Nordpeis ME Ceiling Hung Stove
Dik Geurts Odin Tunnel Wood Burning Designer Stove

Log store stoves - These tall log fires provide a constant supply of logs close by to make refuelling your log burner much easier. They can be fitted freestanding within the room alongside a twin-wall system or if you have a large enough fireplace opening they’ll happily fit within a chimney.

Woodpecker WP5Q-LS Ecodesign Multi Fuel Stove
£1,085.00 Was £1,289.00
Peanut 8 Wood Burner With Log Store
Westfire Uniq 45 Wood Burning Stove
£1,159.00 Was £1,759.00
Woodpecker WP4 Log Store
£699.00 Was £795.00

Overall, our range of high-specification contemporary log burners are both functional and stylish. Each log stove is manufactured in accordance with the finest traditions of craftsmanship and incorporates the latest combustion technology, which ensures economical and clean performance. 


Which are the Most Reliable Brands?

A contemporary stove is an incredibly popular log burner choice, especially for new-build homes, extensions & conservatories. Coupled with a twin wall flue system their often tall cylindrical designs create a stylish statement in the room where a chimney breast isn’t present. 

But which are the best and most reliable contemporary stove brands? Well, the good news is there are lots of options and many reputable stove brands to choose from. We’ve included some of the most popular stove brands that our customers love.

ACR Heat ProductsACR Heat Products
Arada StovesArada Stoves
Henley StovesHenley Stoves
Opus StovesOpus Stoves
Woodpecker StovesWoodpecker Stoves
Westfire StovesWestfire Stoves

5 Reasons to Buy a Contemporary Log Burner?

Buying a modern log burner has plenty of benefits, from its stylish design to the cosy & inviting ambience it helps to create. A wood-burning stove must complement the interior of the room in which it is installed since it is likely to outlast the furniture and the decor the future-proof design of a cylindrical or modern pedestal stove is a great reason to buy one.

Using a stove to heat your home is a natural process which does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Modern wood-burning stoves make effective use of thermal energy and are very environmentally friendly. Here are 5 great reasons why a contemporary-style wood burner might be a great addition to your home.

  1. Extensive warranty on the body of the stoves
  2. Every modern stove we supply exceeds eco-design criteria
  3. DEFRA-approved for burning wood in smoke-controlled zones
  4. Excellent energy ratings of A or A+
  5. Efficiency levels of 80% or more


What Fuel Can I Burn on a Contemporary Log Burner?

Modern log burners are predominantly designed to burn wood thanks to their tall fireboxes which allow tall pieces of firewood. Some models have the option of a coal grate for burning smokeless fuel which can be a handy alternative.

Firewood in fire

We recommend burning most types of hardwood on your wood burner, logs like birch, beech, oak and elm offer long burn times with great heat output. We’d advise that you avoid burning wood with a high resin content and ensure that your firewood is seasoned with less than 20% moisture content. You could look to purchase a moisture meter if you are ever unsure about the suitability of the firewood you have purchased.


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