Meet the Gozney Arc Pizza Oven
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Meet the Gozney Arc Pizza Oven

We all know Gozney is well-known for its amazing portable Roccbox outdoor oven and the beautifully crafted Dome. Gozney has now filled the gap between these two hero products with the Gozney Arc & Gozney Arc XL pizza oven. They’re both more powerful than your everyday small, portable oven but don’t take up excessive space on your patio either. Keep reading to find out why these two new Gozney ovens are already a big hit in UK gardens.


Gozney Arc pizza oven, what’s the hype?
5 Reasons to buy the Gozney Arc
Arc FAQs, all your questions answered 
The difference between Arc & Arc XL

Gozney Arc pizza oven, what’s the hype?

Introducing the world’s most advanced compact outdoor pizza oven by Gozney. The Arc blends a perfectly constructed oven into a sleek form that is relatively compact on the outside yet features a big cooking space internally. Gozney Arc & Arc XL are available in a neutral bone colour with a limited edition off-black model currently available on the XL model. The intuitive flame control makes it easy to create restaurant-quality 14” pizza within 60 seconds or even less, making it the go-to pizza oven for beginners and professional chefs. With an Arc or Arc XL, you can create epic pizza, in your perfect outdoor living space, easier than ever before. Plus, the innovative lateral rolling flame of the revolutionary gas burner replicates the flame of a traditional wood fired oven, this distributes heat evenly and consistently meaning less turning of pizza whilst it is cooking.

5 Reasons to buy the Gozney Arc

  1. Large cooking space - The Arc design and burner placement maximise the cooking space on the removable stone base, it makes it easy to cook and turn pizza with room to spare. Whether you’re a professional chef or a beginner choosing the Arc gives you plenty of space to cook pizzas for a whole party.
  2. Unbeatable heat retention - Thanks to the incredible insulation properties, the Arc will reach and hold a temperature of 950F/500C allowing you to cook pizza after pizza. The removable 20mm pizza stone and 2-layer dense insulation enable the Gozney Arc to reach higher temperatures faster and stay hotter for longer.
  3. Precision temperature control - A built-in precision temperature gauge means the Arc flame is easy to see and adjust. This thoughtfully designed gauge is intuitive and gives you full control over the rolling yellow flame. You can cook hot and fast Neapolitan or a classic and steady New York pizza, and easily fine-tune the oven’s temperature to give you the perfect bake you’re looking for.
  4. Commercial-grade construction - Engineered to deliver, the Arc has the performance of a professional pizza oven. It is built to last using professional-grade materials and if you register your product within 60 days of purchase you can benefit from an extended 5-year warranty.
  5. Revolutionary gas burner - Gozney Arc & Arc XL comes with a lateral gas burner that recreates a traditional wood-fired rolling flame. This creates the perfect balance of high performance, precise control, and unparalleled consistent heat, making it easy and fun to cook all kinds of pizza, and more.

Gozney Arc Sleek Design Profile

Arc FAQs, all your questions answered 

What comes in the box? 
The Gozney Arc includes lots of useful items in the box and features the following items:

  1. Arc outdoor pizza oven
  2. Built-in thermometer
  3. 1.2m gas hose & regulator
  4. Gas burner guard
  5. Flue outlet
  6. Pizza stone adjustment tool
  7. Torx screwdriver
  8. Matchstick holder
  9. Arc product manual
  • Is there any assembly required with Arc?
    If you’re lucky enough to have purchased an Arc you’ll be pleased to hear there is no assembly required. Simply manoeuvre the oven onto the Arc stand, Arc booster or your chosen cooking surface using the lifting recesses in the dock. You then connect to your propane gas bottle.
  • Is the pizza stone removable? 
    Unlike the larger model (Gozney Dome), the 20mm cordierite stone within the Arc is removable. This makes it easy to clean and, if necessary, replace it should it ever develop a crack.
  • Can I use a Gozney Arc inside?
    Unfortunately, the Arc is not suitable for use indoors due to the exhaust fumes it produces when burning.
  • What accessories are compatible with the Arc? 
    The Arc is compatible with a whole host of accessories including the Arc stand, booster, protective cover and mantel. Don’t forget all the other useful accessories you’ll need to hone in on your pizza skills, peels and pizza rockers are a must.

The difference between Arc & Arc XL

Both the Gozney Arc and Arc XL boast some incredible features and have an identical design, the main difference is in their pizza size capacity. The Arc XL accommodates 16" pizzas, whereas the Arc is tailored for 14" pizzas.

Gozney Arc dimensionsGozney Arc dimensions
Gozney Arc dimensions
Gozney Arc XL dimensionsGozney Arc XL dimensions
Gozney Arc XL dimensions

The Arc pizza oven has a mouth size of 377mm x 95mm and a cooking space of 1,702 sq. cm. Whilst the larger Arc XL has an oven mouth of 427mm x 95mm and a cooking space of 2,184 sq. cm.

The Gozney Arc

Gozney Arc Pizza OvenGozney Arc Pizza Oven
Gozney Arc Pizza Oven
Pizza in 60 Seconds in the Arc & Arc XLPizza in 60 Seconds in the Arc & Arc XL
Pizza in 60 Seconds in the Arc & Arc XL
The Gozney Arc Heat RetentionThe Gozney Arc Heat Retention
The Gozney Arc Heat Retention
The Gozney Arc Pizza OvensThe Gozney Arc Pizza Ovens
The Gozney Arc Pizza Ovens
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