BBQube Outdoor Stoves

Discover the BBQube outdoor log burner, a premium dual-purpose heater-barbecue. BBQube can help transform your garden into a cosy and welcoming space for you to sit outside with family and friends late into the evening. BBQube boasts a robust and durable construction to ensure it can withstand the rigours of outdoor use all year.
BBQube HeatQube Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

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BBQube Wood Burning Grill & Heater
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BBQube Outdoor Wood Burners

If you're looking for a unique centrepiece for your garden or patio then look no further than the BBQube range of outdoor heaters and multi-functional grills. BBQube is a hugely powerful and eco-friendly outdoor wood burner that can transform your outdoor space into a comfortable entertaining environment with a warm and sophisticated ambience.

BBQube specialises in producing barbecue-heaters that seamlessly integrate with your outdoor space, you can utilise the heaters even more by adding a wheeled base for easy manoeuvrability and/or a grill area that is ideally sized for preparing delectable sausages and burgers for a gathering of 6-8 people. The design of each BBQube outdoor log burner ensures as much heat as possible is provided to your space, you stay warm well into the late evening and extend the time you spend outdoors this summer. BBQube offers cutting-edge technology typically reserved for indoor wood-burning stoves, the responsive control levers are easy to use and smoke-limiting technology offers a spectacular view of the fire within!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on a BBQube outdoor log burner?

BBQube is backed by a no-quibble 5-year warranty. Each BBQube outdoor heater is meticulously engineered to the highest standards using premium-grade materials. The cutting-edge technology used in a BBQube is typically reserved for indoor wood-burning stoves.

Can you cook on an outdoor stove?

With a BBQube you can heat and cook on the same appliance. Use charcoal for cooking and wood for warmth. Use the dual-function grill plate and internal baffle for direct or indirect heat when cooking.

Does BBQube need to be covered during winter?

As with all outdoor cooking appliances we recommend your BBQube is suitably covered when the weather turns wet and windy. BBQube is coated with unique corrosion-resistant paint to help it look brand new for many years to come.

Buy a BBQube from StovesAreUs today, with free UK delivery on orders over £100. Looking to complete your outdoor cooking set-up? Make sure to explore our collection of pizza ovens, as well as our choice of outdoor furniture too.

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