Why Winter Barbecues Are the Coolest Trend
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Why Winter Barbecues Are the Coolest Trend

Who says barbecues are only for summer? With the right preparations and a little creativity, you can host a memorable winter barbecue that will have your guests talking for months. Embrace the chilly weather and discover the joys of grilling in the winter with our guide to hosting the trendiest winter barbecues.  


Barbecue in Winter and Embrace the Cold
Winter BBQs - What to Serve?
Dress for the Occasion
5 Ways to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space in Winter
How to Stay Safe


Barbecue in Winter and Embrace the Cold 

Winter barbecues may not be the most traditional choice and it may seem unusual to some but they are definitely one of the coolest trends to embrace. Barbecuing in the cold weather is perfect for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The warmth of the grill and the scent of the food cooking can be especially comforting in the crisp winter air, and hosting a winter barbecue can encourage people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, making it a great way to combat cabin fever.  So, if you’re wondering what you need to know about winter barbecues, including what to serve and how to keep warm in this article we’ll share a few top tips.


Winter BBQs - What to Serve?

You’ll find that the best food to serve at a winter barbecue will be very different to what you’re used to eating in summer. Winter barbecues are a great opportunity to showcase delicious and hearty recipes that are perfect for the colder months. 

Your main goal when firing up your grill in winter is to ensure you serve hearty, filling dishes and ensure your food stays as hot as possible for your guests. It’s better to serve bigger items of food cooked slowly such as joints of meat rather than individual sausages and burgers, as these types of dishes will retain heat better. Prepare stews, casseroles, and pies to be eaten family-style, not dished out in individual portions as these will cool more quickly. Serve your meals in high-sided bowls, pots with lids, and oven-safe dishes that can go straight from fire to table. All these hacks will allow you to conserve as much heat as possible and prevent serving a cold buffet to your guests. 

Winter warmer food

We recommend trying to use lots of seasonal produce like pumpkins, sprouts, and mushrooms in your recipes to celebrate winter and set your barbecue apart from summer events. For example, you could eat foods traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night such as baked potatoes and toasted marshmallows, or even attempt a barbecued Christmas dinner. If you can, look for locally sourced produce as this is often fresher and of better quality. What’s more, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet by limiting the amount of food miles your barbecue requires. One popular option is to serve up a hearty stew, filled with warming ingredients like root vegetables, beans, and tender cuts of meat. Another option is to roast seasonal vegetables, such as butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes, directly on the grill for a smoky and flavourful side dish. For meat lovers, consider winter-inspired marinades like rosemary and garlic or cranberry and orange. These recipes will not only keep your guests warm and satisfied, but they will also add a touch of seasonal flair to your winter barbecue.


Dress for the Occasion

Creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere is key to hosting a successful winter barbecue. One way to warm up your space is by using outdoor heaters strategically placed around the seating area. This will provide a source of warmth for your guests and keep them comfortable throughout the event. Another option is to set up a fire pit where guests can gather around and enjoy the warmth and ambience of a crackling fire. 

Winter Warmers

When hosting a winter barbecue, it's important to consider the chilly weather and provide your guests with other ways to stay warm and comfortable. One way to help warm up your guests is by offering advice on how to dress appropriately for the occasion. Encourage your guests to layer their clothing, starting with a warm base layer, followed by a cosy sweater or jacket, and topped off with a waterproof and windproof outer layer. This will help them stay insulated and protected from the cold. Additionally, consider providing blankets or warm drinks, such as hot cocoa or mulled wine, to keep your guests cosy throughout the event. By offering these tips and amenities, you'll ensure that everyone can enjoy the winter barbecue without feeling uncomfortable or chilly.


5 Ways to Warm Up Your Outdoor Space in Winter

Creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere is made easy when you can add an outdoor heater to your space. We’ve put together the 5 most popular ways UK consumers are heating their patios, gardens and outdoor decking areas, keep reading to find out which outdoor heating choice is best for your garden.

  • Tabletop heaters - Tabletop heaters from brands like Tenderflame & Cosi provide you with a touch of heat and ambient lighting as the dark nights draw in, they are a great option for those looking to create an intimate environment and can be fantastic space-saving options.
  • Gas fire pit table - Not only are gas fire pit tables stylish and functional they also provide you and your guest with the bit of heat you’ll need as the cold evenings draw in. They serve as a source of heat and an inviting centrepiece for social interactions, adding a touch of luxury to any outdoor space.
  • Outdoor log burner - Garden wood burners are incredibly versatile. Not only are they a fantastic outdoor heating source, but many of the models function with the added benefit of a grill, making them ideal for enjoying in any season.
  • Fire pit - From burning wood to charcoal, gas & bio-ethanol, fire pits are available in many different fuel types. The most popular because of the high heat output and ambience is the wood-burning fire pit, brands like Bonfeu and Fire Pits UK are must-haves in your garden.
  • Chimenea - Equipped with a tall chimney, a chimenea directs all the smoke and soot away from your seating area for a more comfortable experience. Chimeneas are tall in size and designed to provide warmth and style to your garden.
Outdoor FireplacesOutdoor Fireplaces
Outdoor Fireplaces
Outdoor StovesOutdoor Stoves
Outdoor Stoves
Gas Fire Pit TablesGas Fire Pit Tables
Gas Fire Pit Tables
Fire PitsFire Pits
Fire Pits

How to Stay Safe

It’s imperative that your guests are encouraged to dress warmly when attending your winter barbecue, using items of clothing such as thermals, winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to their advantage against the cold weather. You should also consider providing plenty of wool blankets to snuggle under — not only are these warm, but they’re naturally flame-resistant too.
Consider fitting canopies, windbreaks, or umbrellas in case the weather turns and your guests are subjected to wind, rain, or even snow, and serve plenty of hot drinks like mulled wine, cocoa (with or without Irish liqueur), and hot toddies. 

Be sure to use a barbecue with a lid when preparing food for your winter barbecue, as a strong gust of wind could cause the coals or ashes to spill and become a fire hazard. You’ll find that lidded barbecues are better for low slow cooking anyway, which is recommended for the warming, filling dishes you’ll want to prepare for your al fresco dining experience. As with any barbecue, you should always use the proper tools and consider purchasing some barbecue gloves to protect yourself from the flames. 

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