Buschbeck Masonry Barbecues

Buschbeckbuschbeck are the leading manufacturer of masonry fireplaces and barbecues and are known worldwide for their quality build and performance. They are built from a unique composite with a treated finish to ensure they are durable, long lasting and provide excellent heat retention.

Only the best materials are used on a Buschbeck fireplace, whether that being the composite or the steel used in the grills and accessories. There is a huge range of masonry barbecues to choose from in various different sizes and finishes depending on your taste and how many you are looking to cater for. The special construction of the Buscheck grilling fireplaces achieve an especially high degree of safety. This is because only the refractory concrete parts of the fireplace come into contact with the open flames, and air constantly circulates between the outer skin and the 5-part combustion chamber area.

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