All You Need to Know About Double Sided Stoves
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All You Need to Know About Double Sided Stoves

Double sided log burners have been around for some time and are very different from standard wood burners. In this article we hope to show you why a double sided stove might be a fantastic investment for your home and how versatile they can be as a heat source.


What is a Double Sided Stove?  
Which are the Best Double Sided Wood Burners?
The Benefits of a Double Sided Stove?   
Are Inset Double Sided Fires Available?


What is a Double Sided Stove?  

As the name suggests, a double-sided stove is a log burner with two fronts. They can be referred to as double fronted stoves, two-sided stoves and double room stoves. A double sided wood burner has two sides where you can view the flames, re-load the fire and adjust the heat output.

The main benefit of a double sided stove is that it is able to heat two rooms simultaneously, this type of wood burner is usually installed within a chimney breast of two adjoining rooms. The heat from the wood or solid fuel you burn is transferred from both sides of the stove rather than one. This makes a double sided stove an ideal option for heating large open spaces and lots of models cover with powerful heat outputs that can exceed 10kW.

Double Vision Stoves

There are a few other applications and installation setups for double sided stoves and in this article, we’ll explore all the benefits and provide you with some double-sided stove options that might be suitable for you and your renovation project.


Which are the Best Double Sided Wood Burners?

Choosing a wood burner for your home can be a difficult decision and one you may have to live with for a long time so it is paramount that you make the right choice. Here we’ve put together a list of our best selling double fronted log burners that our customers love. We’ve included small double-sided stoves as well as more powerful high output models that will happily heat large barn conversions.

Clarity Double Sided Wood Burner
Henley Hazelwood Double Sided Stove
£1,199.00 Was £1,509.00
Woodland Double Sided Log Burner
£2,495.00 Was £2,547.00
Firebelly FB3 Double Sided Wood Burning Stove

The Benefits of a Double Sided Stove?  

 So far we’ve explained what a double-sided stove is and put forward some options for your renovation. We’ve yet to talk about the many exciting design possibilities that a double-sided stove has to offer you and your home. A double sided log burner can easily transform your home into a cosy haven where you are able to relax in toasty warmth and comfort that can only be achieved through the burning of logs.

In terms of design, double sided stoves offer endless benefits and you don’t always have to install one within a connecting chimney breast either. In this section, we’ll explain all the benefits of installing a double sided wood burner in your home and what installation options are available too.

  1. Heat two rooms - One of the most popular reasons consumers buy a double sided stove is to heat two rooms with one appliance. They are the ideal option for larger rooms with a connecting chimney breast but did you know they can be installed as a central feature within open plan living areas? This could be a great way to break up an open plan living room into different useable spaces.
  2. Powerful heat output - Lots of double sided stoves offer heat outputs that far exceed that of a normal wood burner. There are double sided stoves that offer double the depth of a normal wood burner. This means more heat output for your space, there are lots of double-sided stoves that exceed 10kW heat output.
  3. Eye-catching focal point - If you’ve seen a double sided stove it is easy to see why they are highly sought after. Double vision stoves are eye-catching and are a bold deviation from the traditional aesthetics you’d get from a standard log burner. What isn’t to like about a wood burner that you can see right through to the other side of, there is something charming and exciting about these incredible wood burners.
  4. Efficient heating source - New double sided log burners are more eco-friendly than older generation stoves and open fires and improvements are being made in efficiency too. Double fronted wood burners and multi-fuel stoves are now hitting efficiency ratings of over 75% which means far less heat is being lost up your chimney.
  5. Different fuel types - You’re not limited when it comes to the fuel choice of your double sided stove! Like normal single sided stoves, you can buy double sided stoves that use a variety of different fuel types. We predominantly supply wood-burning double sided stoves as these are by far the most popular option. However, you can also buy double sided stoves that are classed as ‘multi fuel’, this means they can burn either coal or wood. Look hard enough and you’ll also find electric & gas burning double fronted fires too. 


Are Inset Double Sided Fires Available?

It has become increasingly popular to build a fireplace within a wall of your home, you’ll have seen the media wall electric fire hype and did you know there are double sided options too? You could look to insert or embed a double sided fireplace so you have a feature wall that is accessible to view from both rooms.

Double Sided Electric Fireplaces & Stoves

Unfortunately, there are not many wood burning or multi-fuel options for double sided cassette fires so we’ve included double sided gas fires, electric fires and bio-ethanol options too.

Evonic Octane 1500 DS Built-In Electric Fire
Woodfire EX17 Panorama Double Sided Inset Boiler Stove
Evonic Stora Double Sided Electric Fire
Call For Price
Le Feu CLEVER 600 Bioethanol Build In Fireplace, 4 Sided Panorama
£3,799.00 Was £3,900.00
Gazco Studio 2 Duplex gas fire with Black Reeded lining shown as an Edge installation Close Up
£3,449.00 Was £4,719.00
Evonic Lindstrom Double Sided Electric Fire
Call For Price

So there you have our selection of the best double sided stoves and two sided fires for your home. We hope you share our opinion and feel that they are a fantastic and environmentally friendly heating solution. Whether you want a stove that is modern or traditional, eye-catching or subtle, you’ll find a double-sided stove or fire here at StovesAreUs.


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