Best Pizza Ovens for Your Garden
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Best Pizza Ovens for Your Garden

If you want to eat pizza like you're dining in a restaurant in Naples then the following article is a great place to start! 

Our in-house team has handpicked our best-selling and top-rated pizza ovens from leading brands like Ooni, Gozney, Cozze, Delivita & Fuego. We've included pizza ovens with different fuel types including wood-fired and gas-powered outdoor ovens and reviewed core features like the design, ease of use and of course, the end result. All the pizza ovens featured in this article have been used and approved by our in-house sales team to ensure we recommend a pizza oven that will be value for money and top-rated.

The cost of a portable or masonry pizza oven can vary considerably; you can easily spend over £1000 for a large outdoor oven, but if you don't have this budget, there are plenty of portable cash-friendly options with prices that start at around £300. When it comes to your safety, pizza ovens are no different than using a charcoal barbecue, especially when you can purchase useful accessories like pizza peels to load and remove your dough. You don't necessarily need a large garden, lots of pizza ovens are portable and can sit on small worktops and tables.


What to Look for When Buying a Pizza Oven
Best Value for Money Pizza Ovens
Best Overall Quality Pizza Ovens
Best Gas Pizza Ovens
Best Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens
Best Electric Pizza Ovens
Pizza Oven Accessories to Consider Buying
What Makes a Pizza Oven Worth Buying?


What to Look for When Buying a Pizza Oven

  1. Size of Pizza Stone - When choosing a pizza oven for your garden, consider how many people you might be cooking for. If you're going to host large garden parties then you might want to scale up the size of the outdoor oven so you can cook two or more pizzas at once.
  2. Fuel Type - The fuel you use for your oven will certainly affect the taste of the food you cook within your pizza oven. If you prefer the flavours of wood-fired pizzas, go for a pizza oven that runs off pellets or firewood. Gas & electric-powered pizza ovens have their benefits too, for a start they are easier to get going and don't create any mess.
  3. Oven Door - A door on your outdoor pizza oven helps to trap the heat inside your oven making your pizza crust extra crisp! It also improves the fuel efficiency of your oven and helps your pizza stone retain the much-needed heat for making the perfect pizza. Some ovens benefit from a glass door allowing you to keep a close eye on your pizza without having to open the door.
  4. Built-in Thermometer - Make sure you put your pizza in your oven at the perfect temperature and monitor the cooking throughout. Nothing makes your job easier than a built-in gadget like a built-in battery-powered thermometer.
  5. Portability - If you're looking for a fixed statement piece in your garden then a Gozney Dome or Fuego oven are great choices but if you want something more lightweight that can be taken with you on camping trips or visits to the beach then a more portable Ooni might be better.


Best Value for Money Pizza Ovens

If you're looking for a pizza oven on a budget, we've put together our best and cheapest options for budget outdoor ovens that offer some amazing value for money. We're not just selecting these models on price, they all feature some of the highest insulating properties and can cook your pizza within a minute or so on each of these ovens.

Best Overall Quality Pizza Ovens

If you're looking for the best quality pizza oven then look no further, these models have been hand-picked by our outdoor living team who have years of experience when it comes to outdoor cooking. This selection of the best pizza ovens ticks all the boxes when it comes to build quality, warranty, cooking results and design. Although these pizza ovens come at a price we feel they're definitely worth splashing out on! 

Best Gas Pizza Ovens

If you're considering a gas-powered pizza oven then you should seriously consider one of the gas ovens from the list below. These outdoor ovens are easily controlled and lighting is super simple, just connect your pizza oven to the propane gas bottle and you can be cooking in no time at all. Gas pizza ovens offer the ultimate pizza-making experience and they're incredibly convenient too, no messy ash with a gas pizza oven.

Best Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

If you love the smell and taste of authentic wood-fired pizza then you’ll be interested in our top-rated pellet and wood & charcoal pizza ovens. Here you can browse the models most loved by our customers, all these pizza ovens are usually off the shelf so you can expect your delivery to arrive within a couple of days! 

Best Electric Pizza Ovens

Here you can browse our most popular electric pizza ovens, these incredibly versatile electric ovens are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can still cook a pizza in well under 2 minutes! These are the outdoor electric pizza oven most loved by our customers that are literally plug and play, you've no messy charcoal or heavy gas bottle to fill up with these convenient electric pizza ovens! We've also included a couple of portable electric BBQs that are super popular.

Pizza Oven Accessories to Consider Buying  

Pizza Peels

A pizza peel or paddle is an essential tool and you'll need one to ensure your pizza is evenly cooked. The peel helps you place pizzas in the oven without spilling any of the toppings you've expertly placed (we have found that dusting the peel with flour before you put your raw pizza dough prevents it from sticking). You can also turn or remove pizzas from the oven without burning yourself thanks to the long handles. Usually, when it comes to buying a pizza oven you’d buy the same brand peel but non the less we've listed some of our best-selling pizza peels below.

Infrared Thermometers 

Unless the pizza oven you are looking to buy comes with a built-in thermometer, portable infrared thermometers can be a handy tool to ensure you start to cook at the right temperature. Simply point the laser in the direction of your pizza stone and aim to start cooking at around 400 degrees. Your pizza shouldn't take much longer than a minute to cook within most outdoor pizza ovens. We’ve included our most popular infrared thermometers below.

Pizza Cooking Stations

Take your cooking experience to another level with a pizza-making station or prep table. We offer a great range of products that feature shelving, tool hangers, spice ranks and a place for the gas bottle if you opt for a gas-fired pizza oven. We've listed some of our most popular pizza prep tables below that offer unique features to make it more enjoyable to cook outdoors. If you’d like to view our outdoor kitchens that include a gas grill click here.

Protective Covers

We always recommend you purchase a protective rain cover to shelter your pizza oven. Our range of protective covers will keep your pizza oven looking pristine all year round.

Lots of our weather-resistant covers come with useful handles so you can easily carry your pizza oven to a neighbour's party. You can view our full range of pizza oven accessories online. 


There are plenty of accessories to choose from when cooking outside, we have an ever-expanding selection from covers to pizza peels and even dough to get you cooking.

What Makes a Pizza Oven Worth Buying?

Choosing a suitable wood-fired pizza oven can be a laborious job as there are so many different options and brands to choose from. Several key factors determine an outdoor oven’s quality and here we'll tip you off on what to look out for before you buy.

  1. Quality of Materials - When choosing an outdoor oven it should be made from high-quality and durable materials that withstand temperatures of over 500 degrees. The base of your oven should include a one-piece stone, whilst the dome should be made from thick gauge stainless steel. The materials that are used in manufacturing a pizza oven directly influence the performance so choose an oven that will stand the test of time.
  2. High Heat Retention - A well-insulated pizza oven will not only heat up quickly but it will stay hot inside for a longer period. Buying a well-insulated oven is crucial for heat retention and efficiency but more importantly, it should produce an even and consistent cook. The installation within the dome is often made from ceramic fibre or a similar type of insulating layer.
  3. Oven Size - The size of your oven matters on two fronts. In terms of the cooking area or pizza stone and the overall size. You'll always want to cook restaurant-grade pizza, but the oven must also fit in your designated space and the design of your garden or patio. One thing to remember is that if you choose a large pizza oven it will need more fuel to reach the required cooking temperatures.
  4. Usability of the Oven - Some of the best pizza ovens are incredibly easy to cook on and maintain. Most pizza ovens require some simple assembly but wood-fired ovens need to be cleaned out more regularly.
  5. Overall Design - The design of a pizza oven can often be the reason why consumers buy a certain brand but the differences are often designed for a particular reason. For example, a high dome can assist the heat distribution but an oven with a low wide door can make it easier to access the pizza when it is cooking.


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