Firemaker Suspended Stoves

Luxury ceiling suspended wood burning stoves handmade in the UK. Available in three sizes and a wide choice of colours to complement any interior space.
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FireBob Ceiling-Hung Wood Burning Stoves

Handmade in the UK on the Scottish border, Firemaker are the proud manufacturer of a luxury and contemporary range of log burners designed to be suspended from the ceiling to create a stunning focal point in your home.

Available in three sizes and a wide choice of colours, the FireBob collection is the ultimate in suspended stoves that can rotate 360° to face any direction. Included with the stove is 3 metres of chimney flue which can be extended if needed. Not only will the FireBob stoves look great in your room, the high combustion temperature in the firebox means wood is burned efficiently and smoke emissions are reduced making them both DEFRA-approved and Ecodesign Ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Firemaker Stoves Made?

Firemaker is located in the UK on the Scottish Borders where, since 2011, they have been designing and manufacturing some of the most contemporary ceiling-hung wood burning stoves.

Is the Chimney Included with a Firemaker Stove?

With your purchase of a Firemaker stove you will receive 3 metres of the chimney flue. This can be extended to any length you require, please get in touch with us if you need more. Before the flue exits the roof, the chimney must be converted to a twin wall/double-insulated flue.

Are There Different Colours Available?

The FireBob stoves are available in 14 different colours ranging from blacks and greys to reds, greens and blues to complement any interior space.

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